WANTED 74 nearside door

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  1. Hi, This hopefully is the last panel required as my bus nears completion or all its body restoration work .I am in need a rust free door for my 74 but I believe there are three different types of bay doors !? So must be the correct type please (what is the difference? ).Thank you
  2. Hi, Just thought I would give this a bump.Really could do with a decent rust free door as ones I have been kindly offered are pretty much the same condition as the ones on my bus.Thank you
  3. Try VWFBI
  4. Thanks for advice. I have tried fbi and 21 window but no real luck.Surely there must be a good one out there ? and not to fussed about price (within reason) just want to get a decent one prior to respray.
  5. Try NOS VW Wimborne, think he’s just had a shipment from the states so you might get lucky.

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  6. 21Window

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    I have another 10 doors en route from the USA - 4 weeks away though if you can wait
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  7. Thanks, it may be tight on time as work on bus is really progressing nicely but if you have a good one I will certainly be interested.Thanks Liam
  8. Thanks for that ! I have just sent them a e-mail.Regards Liam
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  9. Just brought a really nice door for a very reasonable price and I think it's the wrong type !? The inside door button lock is incorporated in the inside door handle and not a button type like mine . So would this make it a prototype one ??
  10. Not necessarily,

    My old 73 late bay had that style of door lock.

    I think 73/74 was the change over year for the front door locking mechanism.

    All may not be lost though as I think all your door mechanism / door furniture will still fit. All the mounting holes are exactly the same.

    You will just need to make a hole for the lock popper and the little plastic guide for the rod.

  11. Great! Will strip it down later and hopefully everything will be able to be changed over.Thank you for reply back.
  12. 20180219_163941.jpg
    Bit more involved as lack or metal for sliding vent so would still like the correct door if someone should have one or know of one This one will be surplus once I find one if anyone is interested
  13. Hi
    someone said there are three types of door , can anyone tell me the differences? I got a replacement left door with my left-hooker 72 crossdresser when I bought it but when I tried to fit it the hinge knuckle was the wrong size, so i ended up doing some major welding on existing and the door is up for grabs.

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