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  1. As promised to some of you guys, attached is a photo of my 1995 Defender 110 Tdi.

    Basically this was my last project, the project before that was a Matt black 90, which I swapped for my Bay when it started to get too small to carry the kids and their bikes etc, hence the move to a 110.

    I had my eye on this for a while, it had been someone else's project but the wife made him sell it, the new owner had done some work on it, and his parents made him sell it.....pattern forming here?
    Anyway I took it home and it drove terrible almost uncontrollable. I later found out the rear n/s wheel bearing was all but missing, and the hub and stub axle needed to be replaced, imagine the play in the wheel.
    So after a year of work, a new rear chassis, loads of poor maintainace and bodges reversed and repaired properly, it's pretty much there. Home welded, home painted, home re trimmed. I'm just about finished by fitting the winch bumper and winch last weekend. Now time to start on the bay.

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  2. It's a biggun.....:cool:
    Do they hold their value ..?
  3. Nice
  4. Yes, they seem to go for reasonable money, way more than discoveries of the same age. However I think money wise swapping the 90 for my Bay was a sound investment.
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