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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Mark Darby, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. I'm struggling to find a badge that fits the holes in my tailgate. It only has 3 holes, not 4, and they're not evenly spaced. One gap is about 12cm and the other is about 11cm and they're not in a straight line with each other. Please can somebody put me out of my misery and shed some light on which badge fits - may not be T2? The bus is a South African import.
    Does anyone have a used one I could buy?
  2. Is it / was it originally an automatic?
  3. Don't think so. 2ltr type 4 with a 6 rib 091 box. Tailgate looks original.
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  4. Sounds like a Beetle bonnet badge. What is the diameter?
  5. S
    Sorry I was misleading, the holes are almost in a line but my photo didn't load. Try again

  6. Isn't that where the Volkswagen script goes ? Mine has Automatic in the same script....hence the question about it being an auto.
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  8. ^this. What year is your van? Earlier ones had a "Volkswagen" script, laters nothing. Only one I can think of with a VW badge are the Brazilians, and that goes in the middle.
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  9. Bugger. My fault again. I didn't mean badge. I mean script. Yes I want a "volkswagen" script with 3 pins. Sorry I'm not yet fluent in dub.
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  10. Just cut the pins off the back and use 3M automotive double sided foam tape. That’s what I use on front badges/scripts etc. No worries about lining up holes (although I’d use some masking tape to give yourself a line to guide placement as once it’s on it ain’t coming off easily!)
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  11. (Seal the holes up first)
  12. I might have to but would love to find out if anyone knows which script (see, I'm learning) would fit that hole pattern. Did they use a different badge in SA for instance? I saw an ad in the US for a 3 pin script for a beetle/KG but the two gaps between the pins were listed as 11cm each, whereas mine are 11 & 12cm as you can see in the pic.
  13. Get someone to measure a VW automatic one, the pins are on letters V O and C that should tell you if it originally had the Auto badge or M plate see how it left the factory!
  14. My Automatic script badge was glued on, but it fell off during the summer...I reattached it by drilling through the badge and securing with small stainless bolts...just braved the weather to check ...the spacing would appear to be 11cm for both....perhaps one slightly less, one slightly more....it's difficult to be 100% sure as bolts have the ability to align if holes in the badge were drilled slightly "out.
  15. Think measuring the auto badge is a red herring....it's not an auto so a Volkswagen script badge would be most appropriate.....however would a Bay, early enough to have said badge, be fitted with a 2L engine and 6 run box ?.....thought that was a much later thing.
  16. Ford transit :)
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  17. Oh for god's sake. Why on earth did you do that?
    You know damn well that @Geordie will be on here getting excited about tarmac now!!!
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  18. Correct:cool:
  19. Don't worry he's ripping some old lady off :)
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