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Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by pkrboo, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. Thank you, just ordered both. (expansion and air feed)
  2. skirk

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    I might well do. I'll try to organise so that I can.
  3. Nice one be good to have a catch up

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  4. Hi,
    Cool temp sensor mod but where is the Air Flow Sensor (or is that the same as the air temp sensor ?)

    Also what pipes did you use off the throttle body reverser? (top down pic would be great.) .... or didn't you go down that route and U bend off the throttle body (no reverser) into the air box?
    Hope that makes sense, I like what you've done,

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  5. no mass air flow sensor on my engine as it was before they started using them.

    i got a 90 degree silicon bend and cut it right down and then used the alu 90 degree pipe to make the U bend. This is only possible as i am using the scooby box with subarugears gearbox and the way it sits it pushes the engine 40mm further back from the firewall, if using an adapter or RJES bell housing you will need a throttle body reverser (RJES always have the in stock)

    The inlet air temp sensor i relocated from the back of the airbox and drilled a hole in that pipe and then used a rubber grommet, same as how it was in the airbox

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  6. You're a star, thanks for the pics and explaining it.

    I've actually got the throttle body reversed but wondered about yours. Everything else arrived too so cracking on with it.
    Thanks again,
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