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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourselves' started by Reid94, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Hello enjoy it :thumbsup:
  2. Hi from West Lancashire - Mine's got a stock 1600tp - it's scary enough doing 60!
  3. Hi from Hounslow, loads of good info in the restoration section, probably find the engine is the least of your worries:)
  4. Hello from down south in the damp depths of the New Forest
  5. Hello and welcome from Tufty:)
  6. I realise the engine is the least of my worries :lol:

    I haven’t even started the strip down yet but I’m thinking ,
    Soda blasting and starting from the ground up .

    Anyone from Scotland ?
  7. Day

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    Hello from the snowy Italian Alps.

    And questions or problems ask away.
    Theres plenty of knowledge and experience here.
  8. Welcome from Sarisbury Green. They are all nutters on here but they do know what they are talking about. (Well they do about bays)
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  9. Welcome from North Yorkshire (which was sunny yesterday!)
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  10. Poptop2

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    This could be misconstrued as ' we don't know nuffink' We know everything about everything on here. Fact!

    And if we don't know, we google it and pass it off as our own knowledge!
  11. what’s everyone’s thoughts on stripping the campers back , blasting or dipping ?
  12. Flakey

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    Couple of packs of polyabrasive stripping discs and a grinder, most of the rusty bits you'll be cutting out and replacing anyway!
    It ain't a splitty, don't waste money you'll never get back.
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  13. Nice ones are going for 15-20k , that value is only gonna go up . Do something right first time and you won’t need to do it again ? I got a price from soda blast Scotland , they said they would blast the whole thing and put in in primer ready to weld for under £1500
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  14. Flakey

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    Hard to see from your one pic but is yours a walk through?
    It looks like a panel van conversion from the Windows!
  15. welcome ,ex panelvan ,don't spend all you cash too quick..;)
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  16. im gonna strip all the interior out then I’ll decide what to do . My understanding is that Vw only made them in panel vans and 3rd party company’s did the camper conversions ? Like westifalia and the likes
  17. @Terrordales but he left after Bannockburn :D
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  18. Flakey

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    VW made panel vans ,all metal, with full bulkhead behind the seats and tin top roof., and microbusses with factory fitted recessed windows, walk through bulk heads and Sun roof holes pressed into the panel.
    They supplied Westfalia with micro busses, everyone else Devon, Dormobile etc got whatever they could get hold of and chopped lumps out of them often with tin openers!
  19. Westfalia are not like the other converters.;)
  20. So most T2 are ex panel vans .

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