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  1. Simples
    Wanted towbar for 75 late bay with 2.0l t4 engine any one got one hanging around? I’m located around Heathrow west London.
    Thank you
  2. How much you want to spend?
  3. Hi Razzyh, as little as possible and as much as I have to ......not tooooo helpful a comment, it’s to carry a cycle rack, only 2 bikes, want something for June, we are planning a three week trip to see the kids and grandkids in Geneve and Barcelona. Any offers and recommendations will greatfully be received.
    BR Graham
  4. Save yourself a whole heap of hassle and get a Fiammia bike rack. Holds 2 bikes and much easier & cheaper I’d thought.
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  5. I was told they twist the top of the tailgate when loaded, if it's a single trip cant you just cover the bikes in a blanket and put them inside?
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  6. Never had an issue myself
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  7. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    They’re a great bit of kit.
    A strip of magnetic signage material over the brackets stops any water ingress (mine was fine without it)
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  8. Hi , I’ve a towbar in perfect condition and is powder coated in black .it came with my crewcab but won’t fit now I’ve fitted a performance exhaust . IMG_5489.JPG . I’ll take a pic tomorrow of it , now it’s off the vehicle.

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  9. I prefer the otion of a tow bar, can also take my boat along at some time, though good advice as a cash saver :¬))
  10. We will be travelling for 3 weeks so dont wish to keep taking them in and out, though also a very good cost saving tip :¬)
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