VWNW@Tatton Park. 5th August

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  1. count me in again Martin ! apologies for late response.
  2. I've added you to the conversation.
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  3. Could I have a spot again plz. :)
  4. Are there any places left???

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  5. You're number 10.

    I'll see if i can get some more places from Julianne. We were given 10 and you're number 11 unfortunately, unless someone drops out.
  6. Flakey

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    Just thought I’d better confirm I definitely can’t make it this year sadly
  7. No worries.....Thanks!

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  8. I've addedyou to the conversation anyway. Don't know if you want to send me an SAE anyway incase someone does drop out at the last minute and i can send you their pass?
  9. No problem, inbox me your address please

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  10. It on the inbox conversation i added you to yesterday but i've sent you another message anyway.
  11. These arrived today.
    _20180712_214330.JPG _20180712_214350.JPG _20180712_214411.JPG
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  13. Not quite in the naughty corner.
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  14. Tatton park have said no BBQs or fires due to the warm weather and dry ground conditions.

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