What kind of speed?

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  1. Just took my project for a little run, I've got a 1700 on a 3 rib box so I'm a little curious on what kind of top speeds people are getting basically without flogging the backside out of them? Pic for attention ,[​IMG]

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  2. Steady 60 on a motorway is fast enough for any man ...

    (Edit :- or woman , apologies to @merlincat who usually jumps on these things ...:thumbsup:)

  3. Your eyeballs will explode any faster than that.
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  4. Rightly so sir.. I'm with her on that.
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  5. That's ok then just felt like I was ripping it a new one lol
    Got doin about 60-65 and just something was telling me I was high in the rev range

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  6. That's what they used to tell Mr Stephenson, with his new-fangled locomotives...
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  7. 50-55 mph.............and I await the usual crew who, claim to cruise at 70 + to start screaming.
    As I have said else where, if you want it to last, treat it like you are driving an elderly cart horse, not a race horse.
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  8. very nice I like your stance is it lowered at the front and if so by how much.
  9. Looks pretty stock to me :)
    Very nice thing
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  10. ^^ yup. All sorts of lovely :)
  11. No mate totally stick height [​IMG]

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  12. I try and to keep to 55-60, but sometimes get to 65 to get a run up at hills ( 2L auto)
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  13. Thanks very much it's getting there slowly have a little build thread on a section on here if you want to have a ganders

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  14. depends on the height of your stick!!! :)
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  15. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    They're perfectly happy sat at more than 50-55.
    My old 1600 would sit at 65-70 all day long.
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  16. Makes you wonder why you had to
    Make the change then?
    I suppose you weren't happy and felt
    The need for more
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  17. Moons

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  18. The all day long cruising speed would be just above the lorries and their
    malarkey with some spare to pass the odd laggard playing silly buggers. Can do about 75 on the flat but don't do it for long then settle back down.:)
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  19. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I didn't have to; I wanted to.
    2 very different things.
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