whats your best cheap fix?

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  1. I managed to fix the rear light cluster on the family Punto with a hairdryer. The LED unit was dim and with the MOT due it looked like shelling out £82.00 for a new unit as its part of the unit. Noticed a bit of moisture in the unit. 10 minutes of hairdryer treatment and super bright tail light again.
  2. I had an Austin Champ back in the '80's and it had a hole in the sump so I glued a 1967 penny over the hole and it lasted for years. Total cost 1d and a squirt of Araldite :D
  3. Took my cortina for an MOT back in the 70s, it failed on rust in both front foot wells, one Sunday morning my mate and I paper mache them with newspaper and wallpaper paste, we sprayed the repair and under sealed it, it passed and also passed the following year,
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  4. Bazza- thats what empty beens tins was for. I had a Datsun that was made up of about 20 tins.
    Also helped the gas :)
  5. The front door window scraper on my camper had gone so found a old windscreen wiper, cut it to fit window and glued this in place with fish tank sealant, job done and is still going strong after five years. Cost nothing and time spent 15 mins, saved money sanity and a lot of time.
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  6. Baked bean tins, that just wrong and dangerous,
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  7. I like it, guess what's going on my camper this weekend
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  8. :thumbsup:
    You guessed my middle name.
  9. Some serious ingenuity on here.
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    maybe,just maybe somewhere out there is a Morris marina with the front windows held up in place with two bits of 2x1
  11. I remember welding or screwing in a door hinge to the footwell to fix the accelerator pedal on my 72

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  12. I fixed my heat exchanger cable that snapped with a coat hanger and an electrical block connector......I think it worked better then than with new full cables...
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    I did a short term repair to drive my Citroen to a garage. It consisted of my boot lace tied around my hand and the other end to the accelerator linkage as the pedal had sheared off so I had to use the lace to work the throttle.
  15. Did that with my first beetle lol

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  16. I've never had a blooming quick fix
    :( Haaaaaaaaa:cool:
  17. You must have looked like something off Thunderbirds :D
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  18. Lost all gears except 3rd and reverse on my Aventis a few years ago. Drove home 20 miles in 3rd. Next day AA man fixed it with coat hanger wire. Toyota quoted 500 smackers to do a proper fix. Sold it 5 years later still with the coat hanger wire working perfectly :)
  19. I took both sides of our washing machine to fix the floorpans of my metro...:hattip:

    The bad side of that we were having marrage problems,calmly taking in the kichen one night the washer was on final spin with the dogs bed in it ,then washer twisted and then kinda jumped out then stopped :eek: ,she looked at me and I looked at her and we kinda knew that was the last straw....:D
  20. At least I used to eat the beans before I used the tin :rolleyes:
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