1977 Bay Window hightop

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  1. You've got to be kidding. I've just got the engine back in. Also - bit late to not have kids

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  2. Zed

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    Here's one VW did...

    Also have to say that these...

    ... are not direct replacements for the originals e.g. on the rear wheel tubs.
    You can buy pretty good ones these days.
    This is more like it.
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  3. Do you have a link for that part? Would you weld the whole panel to inside the tub? Feel like that would be a moisture trap? Rather than just the strengthening part.

    Also - how would you add captive nuts to this section?[​IMG]

    We really want to get to BugJam at Santa Pod so I've got a few weeks to sort it
  4. Zed

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    Here's one, they're common if you know the search term - see the part linked for that.
    Normally you'd use whole thing (or cut down to what you need) to repair the wheel tub which tend to rust because as you say it's a water trap. but if you'd already repaired it by other means or it's good but panel van (which didn't have the mounts here IIRC) I'd take it apart and just fit the mount. It's almost identical to the plate VW fitted.

    Damn good question to which I never found a good answer for the slider side because fitting extremally under the side cover whatever you do will foul the middle sliding hinge. The originals were sandwiched between inner and outer layers. Non slider side you can make something the side cover will hide. The lower one IDK, not strictly needed unless you're fitting one of @davidoft 's extenders, perhaps he can advise, he's a clever chap. :)

    Adding rear mounts to a panel van is an epic job, not something you'd be doing properly in a weekend IMO.
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  5. Yeah it's in good condition but it's a panel van. Cutting the part out of the panel is probably the way forward but I'd be paying £90 for 2 small brackets then - I'm hoping I can find just the strengthening bracket rather than the whole panel
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  6. My current thoughts are that I'm going to have to cut access holes in the outer panels of the bus

    Does anyone have a less severe idea?!

    The bodywork isn't the best and needs sorting anyway so it's not like I'm cutting into immaculate panels but, still, it's going to cause me a lot more work in the long run

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  7. JamesLey

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    I fitted one of davidoft's seat belt extender to my panel van. I ended up making brackets for both bolts, full write-up here.
  8. So my wipers have been sloooowing down over the last few weeks. They then began just operating on one speed no matter which setting I had chosen, and on the way to work this morning they stopped in the middle of the screen and aren't returning! Anyone recognise the symptoms before I begin investigating?
  9. Zed

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    Spindles seized.
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  10. Thanks for the reply @Zed What would my next move be for that? WD40?
  11. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    You might get a temporary fix that way which would prove or disprove, but longer term you'd want to take the spindles apart, clean properly and re-grease.
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