FOR SALE 1978 T2 RHD Crew Cab Pick Up

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  1. VW T2b 1978 RHD Crew Cab Pick Up

    For sale is my 1978 Late Bay Crew Cab
    Personally imported from South Africa in 2015.

    Stone Stock & Original

    V5 UK Registered
    2.0 CU Type 4 Engine
    Twin Carb
    Manual Transmission 6 Rib

    Full Height Canopy - Tilt & Bows
    Genuine VW Front Over Riders

    Originally used in Pretoria by a hotel’s maintenance department, meaning it faired far better than most commercial vehicles usually do.

    Had a top end rebuild - new heads, piston & barrel set (Mahle) etc in 2021 by VW Specialist - Invoice supplied.

    Doubt it’s covered 2k miles since then.

    Starts, stops and drives without issue.

    Yes there are dents, scuffs and scrapes, in comparison to many other similar vehicles I’ve seen over the years I think it’s a great example.

    As far as I know, it’s never been painted or welded.
    Load bed for example is not only straight & flat but without as much as a pinhole from corrosion.

    Featured in Series 1 of The Cleaner on BBC1.

    If I’m miles off regarding the price feel free to let me know but I couldn’t find a comparable vehicle as a guide.

    Never had any intention to sell it,
    Very reluctant sale due to marriage break up and want to clear the decks.

    Would like to conclude a sale by the end of this week ideally

    Location : Gloucester

    Jon 07756 078502

    39FA5AC8-DC16-4D2B-A9B2-AFB1D3F63A8F.jpeg 3B395EA1-EE95-4E6D-AE21-88B128A739B1.jpeg 369E24B5-4964-40FE-A7D5-58AF81463872.jpeg E6D9766F-BA9A-4055-BD2E-C72BFE31B625.jpeg FB2ED28E-6BC3-41B5-9995-54E86F59EBD9.png F2D27891-533E-4214-93D0-723F5ED8E7D2.jpeg
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  2. cool crew cab with nice back story. I think your pricing is spot on. GLWTS.
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    That is lovely! GLWS

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