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  1. Hi boys and girls,
    I need information on what is the correct side panel for a left hand drive DoKa. It is the panel opposite the crew door, i need information on. Is it a one piece panel down to were it joins the sill. Or is it two panels, i.e. sill and panel with a seam. I saw an prototype DoKa at mighty dub-fest, which has the two panels. Most parts suppliers do not list DoKa only panels.
    Thanks in advance for any help solving my problem:).
  2. Bit of a faff but schofields list them on there web site you have to go in to bay panels then type in crew cab. If you can’t find then give them a call (if you can get through) usually get Ben he’s a bit of a parts wizard.
  3. Thanks for the reply I bought all my panels from them but that panel was only for an early/split screen . Not the later pick up, which has me doubting what is the correct panels i need. I will
    defiantly recheck later.
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    nobody makes that panel as far as i know ,i got a couple of NOS ones from schofields around 15 years ago and paid £650 a side i think
  6. Not sure if this picture helps but I have a 76 RHD crew cab. I’m assuming the panel would be a mirror image of this..


  7. Thanks for all the reply's. All the suppliers I have looked at only appear to stock/show panels up to '70. which is the early/late bay cross over point. still confused
  9. That's the kiddie, adds show up to '70 which I think was a 1 piece panel,and possibly different contour. I as thinking of using the under door sill from the door side and making a repair panel.
  10. Worth a phone call to C&C ?

    I think that panel is the same across all years but not so confident that I’d encourage you to part with your hard earned ;)

    I did a partial n/s inner sill repair earlier this year and that was a stock bay part from Autocraft. I was pleased with the quality of fit.

  11. messaged C&C all they said was it is listed up to '70 could be adapted to fit later vehicles.

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