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  1. mikedjames

    mikedjames Supporter

    Thinking about this, I am still using the same Braisher branded walking boots I had in the late 1980s.
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  2. Merlin Cat

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    I have many items of clothing from yesteryear :). A jacket my dad bought in the 70’s. My Capri Club t shirt, Shirley Bassey t shirt from the 80’s. Combat trousers from the 80’s. Although I don’t buy many new clothes, I don’t get rid of any unless they fall apart :). I have clothes in the wardrobe waiting for me to lose a stone so they can be worn again :oops:

    When we were travelling in France and Spain my friends said if we have a horrendous crash and can’t be recognised they would be able to identify us by our clothes as we’ve had them so long :)
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  3. Faust

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    Vivienne Westwood BOY brand multi zip short military Jacket ...apparently worth a bob .
    If i put it on now i would look helplessly stupid .
    I swapped my leather jacket for it ..as the youth that owned it was freezing and wanted my leather jacket for warmth , Reading festival 1977 . It went well with my bright red tight knacker snapping jeans and green dayglo socks and beetle crushers .
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  4. Stylish!
  5. Faust

    Faust Supporter

  6. Loon pants. They're the future :thumbsup:
  7. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    My kid's aunty Jen has a Granny Takes a Trip Jacket that her (Junkie/Famous people knobbing) Aunty Carline stole from Keith Richards (allegedly). She was more a Formula 1 groupie really and definitely bonked James Hunt among others. :thumbsup:
    It's a bit Sgt Peppers-ish. so small/slim nobody can get into it. She's got a pic of him wearing it but I can't find it on the internet.
  8. Faust

    Faust Supporter

    No doubt purple were they ? with flares as wide as small tents and stinking of dope and joss stick whiff .
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  9. Hiw did you know? Bought from an ad in the Melody Maker :thumbsup:

    I also had a suit with "french flares" that looked like a galleon under full sail if the wind caught them. Had to be careful if there was a stiff breeze...
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  10. Nothing to do with me......
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  11. My bespoke suit by Sir Tom Baker, that Mrs P got me for a significant birthday. Still fits though tbh it's been let out a few times. Only gets out for the usual hatched, matched and dispatched, but strangely enough there's always a couple of poo bags, empty, thankfully, in one of the pockets. It's a London style single buttoned jacket that the lad gets a really nice balance with. Nice piece of Huddersfield worsted in black self stripe with a scarlet and black paisley lining.
  12. I’ve not heard the phrase hatched,matched or dispatched before
    I presume christenings,weddings and funerals
    Is it a common phrase or is it one of your own?
  13. Yep, you're right Para. I think it's reasonably common , around here, anyhow.
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  14. Louey

    Louey Moderator

    It's a phrase I've heard sqauddies use. :)
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  15. redgaz

    redgaz Supporter

    My faithful old leather jacket, still wear it now, it cost me £1.50p at a car boot in the early eighties, I've had it relined twice. IMG_20240503_234059.jpg
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