Absaar Pro 4.0 battery charger

Discussion in 'Tools' started by docjohn, Feb 9, 2021.

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    I've been using this for a few months on the recommendation of @dubsurftones after unfortunate experiences with exploding cheap chargers. It cost me about £30 online and does exactly what it says it should do. I find it useful as it will do 6V as well as 12V, the Ford Pilot is still on the original 6V electrics. It also has a separate setting for modern AGM batteries and has winter settings for all of them, which is particularly useful as I write this in early February and there is snow on the ground.
    Not much else to report, other than I can recommend this without hesitation.:)
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  2. Love everything about this photo.
    It’s from the eighties .
    lots of letters in the words.
    Foreign language.
    She’s smiling at me ,
    has no idea what she’s doin or where or what a battery is....
    has proper auto work attire.

    I must go now ...to the rescue ....!
    she needs my help ,,,!

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    and a Peugeot 504 as well. What more could you ask for?
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  4. I have models from Lidl. Cheap and do the job BUT, they don't restart after a power shut down, which cost me a battery. Best I have is from Cetek.
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