Bay window afterlife, the T2C story. An ongoing history of the bus that refused to die!

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    Rust, poor quality fit on everything, Splitty steering awful, fuel injected engine nasty, gearbox terrible, owner was an acquired taste too
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  2. When properly adjusted steering should be similar to a late bay as the later Brazilian boxes use a similar internal arrangement, so it has to be adjusted as you would a late bay box. They often get adjusted like a split box, this results in very loose steering!

    Gearboxes are weaker than German, but generally fine if not abused. Rust, we covered that above lol!

    I've not experienced the later aircooled engines, but when set up right should run smoother than the carb engines. They are weird though, setting the tappets is different to the German procedure, so many bugger it up.

    Fit and finish starts out OK, but they get hammered over there, then whatever work it had done to it in Brazil between leaving the factory and getting over here, it will have all been bodged up for sure, like the weird prototype bay front panel and early rear lights!!
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  3. One more odd difference between German/Mexican and later Brazilian bays. On the Brazilian built models, (Both hybrid and full bay) the rear jacking points were moved further back to a third outrigger position, instead of the second outrigger. No idea why this was changed, or what any perceived advantage would be for moving them rearward!

    Brazilian top, German & Mexican bottom.

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