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  1. I didn't imagine it then. Apologies anyway :)
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  2. I don’t know where that came from. The science hasn’t, to my knowledge, at any point said the vaccination stops you catching it. It seems to me they’ve stressed all along that it will help your immune system so that if/ when you catch it, you get a much milder rather than a life threatening reaction.
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    Sorry, major post misinterpretation. I've proved I'm a grumpy bugger if nothing else! :hug:
  4. Indeed and it has allowed most to go back to work, make a living again.
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    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    But what do we see? I see people back to their old ways as if covid never happened and I see people pointing the finger at the non-vaccinated (30% of the population) like it's a done deal that these are THE spreaders. I just wanted to add a note of caution - devils advocate if you like. Vaccination definitely helps the vaccinated, I'm not a denier.
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  6. Those who have not had the vaccine are more likely to have severe reaction and be hospitalised.
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  7. Worth noting that there is some evidence that smoking gives some immunity to Covid.

    Nip down and see your doc. They’ll probably start you off on Capstan Full Strength, then taper off to Silk Cut :thumbsup:
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  8. Where does SAGE stand re rollies? And do licourice papers help?
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  9. I should add Chris Whitty can often be found after these press conferences having a rollie and a chin wag with Sajid Javid round the back of number 10 :thumbsup:
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  10. “Thank God that’s over, Sajid. I’m gasping for a fag. Got a light?”
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    Yes, that's a major plus. It's not a perfect solution but exceedingly helpful.
    But presumably those not hospitalised continue to spread the virus and now not locked down, free from mask wearing etc I can only assume they COULD be major spreaders albeit not deliberately?
    The short term protection from the vaccination is welcome, but really - it's not great is it?
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  12. upload_2021-12-1_16-32-44.jpeg
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  13. What's the option sit at home stare out the window for the next however many years it takes for this to go away.
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  14. Clinical trials have shown that three strands of Old Holborn in a rollie don't really do much.
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  15. ^this. Can't hide under the bed for ever.
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  16. I asked some medical friends about the vaccine and spreading risk. They suggested that the vaccine reduces the impact of the virus on the vaccinated person and also slows the spread to others as the vaccinated person will have more antibodies/less infection and will therefore will be less infectious. Hope that makes sense :)
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  17. :lol:
  18. It was my wife’s aunts funeral yesterday. She was double jabbed, but still spent weeks in an induced coma and on oxygen. Just nothing worked. :(

    I’m triple jabbed, but still wear my mask in places that I should. In Wales we have been wearing them all the time in shops and on public transport, well some of us have :mad:
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    This just in from Sage…

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  20. probably because most people keep their distance from smokerso_O
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