Brookside air cooled VW gareage Birmingham (Reccomend)

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  1. Would just like to reccomend these chaps martin and simon @

    They did all the bodywork on our camper, did a great job, good honest prices and really enthusiastic. Great bunch of guys, highly reccomended. Based just outside of Brum, over redditch side.
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  2. I would second Mully_89's comments, Simon, Martin & Chris did a full service and replaced the discs and pads on my 74 Devon in a really short period of time over Christmas and for a very fair price. She runs so much smoother and even picked up speed going uphill on the M5 on the way back to Malvern. Not the easiest place to find but well worth taking the trouble to find them - if you get off the M42 at the Hopwood services exit and head North towards Brum they are about 10 mins from the services. In addition to their VW expertise, they are keen military history buffs and have a Trekker in Wehrmacht camo and a really cool pair of 1960's Borgward gun tractors. Strongly recommended! :thumbsup:
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  3. Been there too. Really nice guys. They are located behind fellows.
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