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  3. @thejamesm7 I have just given ours a good going over and it has passed its MOT after a bit of welding and a full service. We are going camping in it to the Lakes in a few days but I am looking to sell it when we return , certainly before the winter. We are just a few miles north of Liverpool so easy to get to from the NI ferry if you ever want to come over to UK as part of your search . It may be a bit over your budget - probably nearer £13k
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  4. Hi there,

    Just seeing. Yes, Liverpool super accessible for me. Send me through a few pics when free, and I’ll take a look!

  5. Hi there,

    Just seeing. Yes, Liverpool super accessible for me. Send me through a few pics when free, and I’ll take a look!

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  6. Hi James - I am going to take some more photos when we get back from the Lakes -but here a list of things I have done to it plus a couple of photos - one taken at Tatton Park in August (the white one) and one I took after fitting the MG seats 5 years ago . If you go to 81a VW services Facebook page , they have put loads of photos of it being welded a couple of years ago.


    Manufactured May 1973 – first registered in UK August 1973

    130,350 miles – possibly genuine (this will increase as it is used regularly)

    Present owner since 2014

    MOT just done - until August 2022.

    Cream Leather front seats/headrests, Wood rimmed alloy Steering wheel, CSP gear shift.

    Walk through cab with colour-coded removable centre console fitted[​IMG]

    White/black vinyl rear seats and ¾ Rock and Roll bed.

    Front Hinged Elevating Roof and OE rear luggage carrier.

    Vinyl covered bed inside roof

    Propex gas heater and Leisure Battery

    Smev (Dometic) single gas hob and sink with electric tap and glass cover.

    LEDs and over sink light from leisure battery.

    Front courtesy light and rear sink light from main battery.

    Front suspension ball joints and shock absorbers replaced 5,000 miles ago .

    4 New Tyres fitted in 2019 – very few miles since.

    Standard painted steel wheels fitted with Original VW hub caps and stainless wheel rings

    Chassis legs and jacking points recently replaced

    Rear chassis legs recently replaced (i)

    Rear inner and outer valance recently replaced (ii)

    New Battery tray and offside rear corner recently fitted (iii) - with photographic record for I,ii,iii.

    Genuine OE Engine bay lid, new hinges and hinge panel painted & fitted in 2019 with key lock

    Genuine OE rear engine tin Painted & fitted in 2018

    main battery (Halfords 4 year) recently replaced .

    Stainless exhaust tail pipe.

    Tow bar fitted

    Recent full service at VW specialist garage including:-

    Oil Change, new fan belt, new rear brake cylinders,

    front O/S wheel bearing, steering drag link, 4 new rear CV joints

    New door cards just fitted

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  8. Hi Mick,

    thanks for taking the time! Yes, I’ve read Zeds thread, along with similar threads upteen times now haha.
    LHD if under right conditions is certainly not a no no; would be a shame to rule that out, especially given the general condition of the warmer climate vans :) Their was a van I was very close to buying last week, but in the end the lack of general history made me walk away.. before joining this forum, the outcome would have been different :) ;) The search continues..
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  9. hey hey,

    Appreciate the info. I’ll send you a PM little later :)

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