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  1. Booked a pitch with electric hook-up, the plan was to take the T2, however a last minute problem with the bus meant we decided not to take it.

    A call to the site to enquire if one of their "shepherd huts" meant that the trip was still possible even if not in the T2.

    The site has a varied mix of pitches for campers and caravans, a couple of the shepherd huts, log cabins and some apartments. Despite being November there were plenty of other people using the site. The pitches are all a good size and nicely laid out, there is a bar / restaurant and seemed to be plenty of other facilities.

    The toilet and shower facilities are the best we have ever seen on a site, the block we used had around 10 bathrooms (split between men and women) and were more like what you would find in a hotel room.

    Staff were very friendly - we were so impressed we have already booked a return trip!
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  2. Stayed there about 23 years ago and thought it was good then except as it was very hot weather and the tiny outside swimming pool had to be closed often as the filters could not cope with the suncream from people clogging them up! Had a shop and a small café.
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  3. To be fair we didn't venture up to the pool!

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