Cruise to ninove 2023

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  1. I'm joining the uk cruise to ninove March 11th
    More details to follow

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    Post the details when you know them Si. :thumbsup:

    would love to do this but it’s always been a challenge lining up time off
  3. Sproggy4830

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    Looks like this is definitely on this year 11th March 2023 , a great weekend (at least) away. It is however very much an aircooled vehicle show and previous years readings on facebook etc prove that anything other than aircooled are not welcome and thats fair enough . I wont be able to make it this year but it is a good dooo.
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  4. I'm definitely going just haven't got Facebook so can't see the post:(
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  5. Sproggy4830

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    Your missing nothing , the cruise itself is difficult to establish one flow of information, as the event uses different names , freddies files, freddy files. Ninove cruise Best just searching internet see what you find
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  6. I found one today but the cruise started just before Belgium somewhere? I would like to join a cruise from this side somewhere
  7. Sproggy4830

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    Generally on the facebook page link , a thread is started by someone who ask folk to post up their travel plans in order that folk may team up en route for a bit of peace of mind . If i remember i went on a thursday nigh sailing from hull, got there friday morning , literally 200 or so vehicles met up in a service station , travelled a short distance to a local brewery for a few hours look around it . Travelled on to Ninove, not far, i camped up inthe train station carpark overnight as did a few others . Then main event saturday literally in a closed of little town. Slept in station carpark again Saturday night then travelled back to ferry sunday morning back home for monday morning . I think i would plan to stay for a few extra days somewhere either side or its a expensive ferry ride for two days event .
    Ask someone to view the facebook page i linked above , currently theres a link asking people to show photo of vehicle they are going in currently theres 45 pictures with comments from people who are going . I am sure there will be a question on travel arrangements
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  8. Sproggy4830

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