Dutch oven chocolate pistachio brownies

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  1. I've made this twice now and it turned out great both times

    We've worked out that the dutch oven can fit onto the ronnie sunshine cast iron griddle and the whole lot can rest on wooden batons sitting onto a low table. That way the bbq/firepit can still be used to full capacity and the dutch oven can cook away at the side.

    You can measure everything out, bag it up and then mix it but for camping I used this


    To make it a bit tastier I threw in some pistachios

    Follow the instructions on the packet, get the dutch oven set up with 5 white hot bbq briquettes underneath and about 9 on top, let the oven warm up and then line with foil or this time round I used cake liners (the oven was sparkly clean when the brownie was cooked). The cake was mixed in a large pan and flopped into the cake liner lined dutch oven.

    There is no real cooking times as it's about having sneaky peeks as it cooks, as the briquettes begin to diminish replace them and if it needs more heat on top add more coals. It took about 25 minutes and then it came out like this.


    Not the prettiest cake in the world but warm cake on a cold autumn camping night around the fire was just perfect!

    Makes a good breakfast the next day too :)
  2. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    Good skills :)

    Dutch Oven.....teehee :)
  3. I hope to sample some soon :thumbsup:
    With a nice fresh coffee.
    About 10ish.

  4. mmm lovely!! i'll have mine with a cup of tea :p x
  5. Congi, one of these?
  7. Yes please :)
  8. Ooooooohhhhhh. . . Very Interesting! We should have a Dutch-Oven bake off at some point!
  9. I volunteer to be a taste tester :D
  10. You do realise you've set a precedent, we shall be expecting this at every camp now ;D

    My god it was lovely, although Julie led me to believe we were having apple pie - definitely one of my all time favourites. That reminds me I'll have to use some of the apples showering the garden thanks to next doors tree ::)

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