Holgates, Silverdale

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  1. Situated in the small town of Silverdale, near Carnforth and literally on the Lancashire/Cumbria border. Within easy access to the Lake District.

    We visited this site for our first proper camping trip in Daisy as it came recommended by a few people. It was absolutely fantastic! In a really beautiful setting with first class facilities.

    There is a large pool and separate toddlers pool, jacuzzi, steam rooms, gym etc (for those that can be bothered). The restaurant on site served excellent food at reasonable prices & on site shop wasn't a total rip off either.

    When you first arrive you drive up to the hard standing pitches and you basically get to take your pick. All the pitches are a really decent size but the ones right at the top end,(which is where we were), are huge!!!

    The campsite has some stunning sea views over Morecambe Bay (some pitches have in-interrupted views) and the surrounding countryside and there are tons of different walks to go on.

    The toilet & shower blocks are first class. Award winning actually :thumbsup: as is the park on the whole. Practical Caravanning Northwest Regional Awards Gold overall winner and the Overall Winner of Best Family Campsite in the UK ;)

    Hopefully my photos will upload properly, if not they'll be on shortly!
  2. Our pitch :thumbsup:

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  3. Struggling with the photos?? :mad: Keeps saying File too large but they're only standard photos from my phone o_O Anyone got any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
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    Looks good


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    I'd normally avoid any site that won anything titled "Practical Caravanning....." But it does look like a great location!
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  6. :D Yep I know what you mean, that definitely wasn't the reason we went, didn't actually know that in advance but noticed the certificate on the reception wall:cool:

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