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Discussion in 'Can Cook, Will Cook' started by art b, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. Terrordales

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    Coopers does a nice drop.
  2. yup they seem to make a good homebrew kit that gets shipped over here,
    its on special offer in the uk at wilcos £13.80
  3. i made this with coffee and brown sugar added came out very nice i have a few bottles maturing..:chewie:
  4. I find with all these kits the key is maturing. I leave mine for a good 6 weeks before I get stuck in. I may have the odd one if the mean time. Just to see how it's coming along
  5. Don't know about the coopers but I've just done a Wherry kit, bout half a barrel left now, whoops!
    Oh and just done a cider kit today which should only take two weeks! :thumbsup:
    Gotta be worth it at less than 40p a pint :)
  6. wilkinsons have their home brew kits reduced ....:thumbsup:

    got a couple of 5 gallon wine kits for £13...thats around 60p a bottle
  7. been away for a week and took a few bottles of the aged coopers stout ..:burp:

    its turned out very nice.......and strong....:beer:
  8. At £13.50 that sounds like a bargain then. Think I'll try this one next :thumbsup:
  9. Just made another one...:thumbsup:
  10. Faust

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    You won't be disappointed . Did a lager in coopers tasted great .
    Not like in the 80's boots budget bitter kit tasting of yeast no matter what ....then the inevitable spewing up at about 3 in the morning :oops:

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