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  1. I would not say T3 are cheaper to maintain. One of my buddies got a diesel westy and spend quite some money to have it reliable. I also own one, a Westy Joker high roof with a 1.9l DG engine and auto box. Some parts are becoming expensive. A complete stock exhaust for example. Rust is an issue as it starts in panels joints and goes everywhere from there. They drive OK, if you forget the 1.6 diesel and 1.6 aircooled. But, you have to drive them for what they are. Slow, old vans.
    I just put a 1.9l diesel T4 into service as a daily. It is OK for me as I live less than 1km from my work and use it to haul stuffs locally, but 100kmh on a highway is about all you can do, on a flat road, less when you have to climb anything or load it a bit. On the other hand, it is a very simple vehicle wich can go forever with minimal service costs, and driven correctly.
    T4 with TDI often are very high mileage. And parts can be expensive too. Injectors, turbo...
    I looked at a nice T5, 2009, 280.000km with the good 5cyl Tdi, very clean panel van, metallic gray,automatic gearbox for 10.000€.
    I asked my mechanic buddy and he told me not to buy it. Too expensif to maintain and at this mileage, everything need to be replaced sonner than later. I did look for parts price like dual mass flywheel, injectors (€€), turbo etc ... And he was right.
    Finally, to have something that drive well, easy to fix and not too costly to maintain, a T4 2.4d with the later head version, less prone to fail, or something without a VW badge on it that will cost 50% less to buy.
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  2. My ex Australian minibus is an's my favourite vehicle to drive, so're on holiday as soon as you engage "D".
  3. how is a t4 easy t0 maintain when the engine is at the front and access is hard? The parts for a t4 and t5 are expensive especially if it is a TDI.
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    You've answered your own question then ;)
  5. I don't know? I have just been told that European cars t4, t5, t6 are hard to maintain and expensive. what do you think of work on a t3 and is it a good car?
  6. Why don't you just get a cheap tranny . Get in it and go to work .
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  7. what is this?
  8. Ford Transit good cheap 3.5oo ton van or a smaller 1.500 ton van or pick up vertion
  9. Having owned or driven most variants of T3 and T4’s, this is my choice.
    Late 2.5 acv tdi original factory kombi. Zero rust , decent mpg, lovely 5
    Pot power. If serviced regularly should do mega miles. 71A235D3-61CF-49F1-9853-352A54E3F0B5.jpeg

  10. That's a tidy van - looks like you've put a lot of work into it.
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  11. Thanks, the paintwork is all original, only mods are full stainless exhaust and the wheels. Original wheels stored in
  12. What is the current Road Fund Licence cost? Seems to vary a lot as you go through the years around 2002.
  13. A bit steep £340
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    sounds cheap
  15. well I can't buy that.
  16. anyone know how many KM a 2.1L t3 water cooled engine will last as one I was looking at is on 400,000KM
  17. what are things you should look for when buying a t3?
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    Join Club 8090 forum.
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  19. yes I will but I will still be on here as I am restoring my T2 and will not quit.
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    Looks pretty much exactly like the lovely van my best mate recently got converted for camping (apart from hers had a window in the tailgate). It's a great van, lovely to drive.
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