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Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by lhu1281, Nov 12, 2023.

  1. Sorry non VW and hopefully a quick winter project . The fact it’s a 73/74 same age as me .. it’s 49cc so those of you that say the extra 49cc on a 1649 big bore kit makes no difference ..well your wrong .. came with a couple spare engines IMG_5123.jpeg
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  2. Marty SmartyCat

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    Love it...
  3. MorkC68

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    If that 50cc engine is what the old Honda SS50's had then a C70 piston / barrel and cylinder head fits..little bit extra poke :)

    Awesome little bike :hattip:
  4. it came with a couple spare engines . Ones a 90cc the other I don’t know .. it’s a bit rough but it is 50 years old .. last run 2000 so I’ve taken tank out , carb off etc . New battery , plug and fresh fuel and hopefully she’ll run .. opposite end of biking compared to my Triumph street triple RS but cool as . I’m currently in the bad books as in in the hallway indoors till I make room in garage .
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  5. MorkC68

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    I think and its going back to when I was 16 years old, that the C90 motors have slightly different mountings but with fettling will fit.

    I'd not get away with a bike indoors, she grumbles if Douglas comes in with mucky paws neigh mind a bike in the house :(
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  6. vinnyboy

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    Looks like a sad little puppy in need of love
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  7. I've been given two days then she said she`ll phone the council ....
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  8. MorkC68

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    Sweet talk her round... :eek:
  9. Tank is clean ,carb has been cleaned , new battery on order

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