Park Farm, Bodiam, Robertsbridge

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  1. Lovely campsite with plenty of pitches. No strict rules, camp fires allowed anywhere! Nice atmosphere and great for kids and dogs. Toilets and shower block very clean. There is a nice little walk along the river which leads to Bodiam castle where there is also a lovely pub called the Castle. Owners of the site are really friendly and said they would welcome any future vw events as in my opinion this site would be an ideal location for this.
  2. just been back to park farm ,been here quite a few times since birdy told me about it .....well not much as changed cep the prices and rules.....1st thing ...i priced up a 2 night stay at 48 pounds 2 adults +2 children +1 toddler(18mth old )
    actual price was 60 pounds which is steep for camping in a field with no hook up ,then found out a neighbouring tent only payed 50 pounds and chatting to other fellow campers ...all payed different prices for a 2day stay ,we all had 2 kids +toddler....i found this proper out of order .

    2nd point -theres different rules for different people,if you know the owners ,you 'll allowed to play drum n bass till 2 am in the morning ,wake everyone at at 5am and race your car around nearly hitting kids and adults alike ,play chucking a football over everyone tents ,dont matter if you knock sumones campfire ,and casully go around winding all the other real campers up .....

    i used to rate this site as ok but now i rate this site as very clicky and chav ridden ashford but in tents ....if you go up the road a lil longer theres tj,s camping and some other sites ,id recomend this site if your going as a group BUT DONT PAY TOGETHER ,THEY WILL CHARGE YOU UP .....STAGGER YOUR ARRIVAL !

    P.S THE SECURITY ARE NOSEY LIL HITLERS THAT LIKE TO WALK THROUGH YOUR LIL AREA AT 4 AM AND WAKE EVERYBODY ,GOD FORBID ---OVERALL =GOT VERY CHAVVY HERE NOW ....and the vw owner who i tried to chat with ,just had a camper coz there in vogue at the mo !!!killed my weekend ,thank you park farm .....
  3. Thats crap Johnny shame it messed youre stay up
  4. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    I too liked this site but it does get crowded now. We use to go regularly in as much as 3 times a year but we've not been there for the past 2 years now. The number of showers haven't changed and the costs have gone up and Johnnysensi's comments aren't isolated to his experience because I've heard this from others too.

    It's a shame really as it was a nice little sanctuary and I will always have fond memories of it as we had some good times there.
  5. I didn't see any problems with the site - maybe not caravan and camping club standards,but no noiser than any vw events I have been to over the last 2/3 years, but then again perhaps I am a chav and my music was louder than theirs!
  6. was speaking to other regulars and they too was annoyed at the lack of peace and quite .......and the prices varie ?god knows why ,or are the kids taking the money syphoning off a few quid ......if you get a nice quite weekend there ,its brillant ,but if you get orrible neighbours ,your in the poo...........rules state -all dogs on leads ...........i nearly got massacred by a loose wolfhound off lead and security just looked on ....i think the 17 yr old scurity guards arnt up to telling people time im parking in the big field and see how it goes last time -only coz the kids love it there ........well after last time they got put off ......ill give em one last chance coz its nice area ...

    this is my own exp ,so please try this camp site out for your self as some weeks its lovely ........
  7. Stayed here for a couple of nights over the weekend.
    We stayed Saturday to Monday and it cost us (two adults, three dogs and electric) £62.

    Is a nice big site, with plenty of space, even in the designated electric areas.
    There's only one set of toilets and showers, one set of bins, and the water taps are few and far between.
    Other than that, can't fault it.
    There's plenty of space, and like mentioned before, would be great for club weekends away.
    It does seem like there's a lot of "regular" visitors, but I saw no instances of favouritism or the like.

    The fact you can have a fire pretty much anywhere you like (as long as you buy their wood) has its pros and cons.
  8. Have been using this site for a couple of years now, although that is with tent not a bus, hoping to use more often now we have the bus. Never had any problems with prices or noise and having the fires is great. Hopefully will see a few from here whilst am there :)

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