Rear lights.

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  1. Can anyone recommend somewhere to get some good quality rear light lenses? I’ve bought some in the past and they weren’t great to be honest.

    Thanks in advance
  2. cunny44

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    I have bought the cheaper ones from JK - they lose their colour in 18 months when kept outside
  3. Poptop2

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    There are good quality 2nd hand originals about I’d go for them and clean all the lenses in vinegar and use a toothbrush to get the original colour back. I got mine off an eBay seller who breaks buses and quite reasonable too. Otherwise ask on here someone is bound to have some!
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  5. Poptop2

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    I bet you have some somewhere too? He ought to ask you nicely!

    You can thank me in beer next time we meet :hattip:
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  6. Thanks for the advice. I’d always want to buy decent second hand as some of the new stuff is appalling
  7. rob.e

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    find some original hella ones if you can. even if they're old they'll still be better than naff repro new ones
  8. mikedjames

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    The Hella/German ones that cost about £40 each are a lot slower fading than the cheaper Brazilian ones. I was able to buy a new one off one of the usual suspects ?? Schofields ?? at Slough Swapmeet, and managed to get a secondhand one for a fiver, where somebody had carefully painted over the inside of the reversing light lens. Some time with a scraper and some clear epoxy on some cracks, and I have two good lenses.
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