Techenders - 2022

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    Yep, the event the weekend before TE in the hills was superficially 'just a bit of off-roading' but in actual fact it was a motor sport event and as such we were bound by the regulations of the MSA.
    Our subs contained a portion towards insurance and there was official scrutineering and induction in accordance to the regs.
    Not, as you say, in the spirit of TE which we saw with the controversy around CV19 recommendations may or may not be considered an organised event.
  2. I've never been to TE but if there was a van selling deep fried food I might be persuaded :D
  3. Shall I organise a Victorian fairground to compliment all the other suggestions

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  4. Maybe I didn't describe this very well then ...... and you're possibly picturing loads of "stalls" or some such.
    I'm willing to bet we all have a box of "obscure" nuts/bolts/latches and other small tombola delights, that could just make the difference to whether someone else gets to successfully do "what Techenders is" ...
    There are five people who came away from the last one very happy with their freebies :hattip:
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  5. Not really

    I combined a few past lists of Techenders attendees, added in the names I could remember.

    Then edited the list whilst at Techenders each time I discovered anyone else's name.

    I'm crap with names usually!
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  6. Perhaps something simple, like below, would work
    paulcalf. Jobs: Alternator brushes, mending roof. Surplus bits on offer: Fresh air hose, various gaskets, curtain hooks, engine tin wear screws
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    Exactly. It already happens.
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  8. So you bring a box of bits just in case someone could use something?
  9. You get it .... Perfect :)
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    Yep. I had CV stuff, clips, pliers etc. Connectors, screws, cable etc.
    People usually shout out what they're doing when committing to the list and ask for bits beforehand.
    The emergency 'has anyone got' is usually somehow catered for.
    If Collyp had wanted to do his axles, it was all there for him, or anyone else for that matter ;):D
  11. Thanks for the boots. @Lasty convinced me this was a man shed job, not a TE job. I just think he likes getting all greasy with me. :rolleyes:
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  12. You're a good egg then, but I wasn't asking you ;)
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    Haha, sorry didn't mean to dive in to the middle of the one to one you are having with @Baysearcher . Misunderstood the concept of chat.
    I will immediately cease and desist and stand suitably chastised...:rolleyes:
  14. That wasn't it at all! :hattip:
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  15. The last couple Of TE weekends I have attended I’ve done some bits - front wheel bearing and the clutch release bearing and being hyper organised I haven’t necessarily had the all the bits I may have needed to get home again….

    I’ve had a set of brake pads off @Razzyh and tin wear screws off @Beaver and a engine hanger nut and bolt off @Fruitcake. Along with countless hours of help and assistance to go with the near constant barrage of insults that makes TE the epic weekend that it is.
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  16. Has your clutch been fine since we put it back together?
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    Ive always got a box of plugs, condensers, points, dizzy caps, probably some rocker cover seals etc etc.
    They’re no good to me.
    Usually have axle stands, a big feck off jack, and a massive socket set too.
    So in answer to your question; yes. I have done for the last 15 years.
  18. :thumbsup:
  19. I just bring food, beer and a comfy chair :oops:
  20. I am very certain I saw you spannering in June ;)
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