Techenders - 2022

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by Baysearcher, Sep 8, 2021.

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    Not even a comfy chair most recently...
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    I wasn’t going to mention it….. ;) :D
  3. When I finally make it back to TE i’ll be arriving in a big box of bits vaguely resembling a Late Bay…if I followed instructions properly that is.

    If stuff falls off it in the field, please help yourself - likely it wasn’t needed.

    *If I don’t make the following TE, please post me the bits, as it will have turned out I actually needed them.*

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  4. Neither was I, but now it's out in the open many thanks :thumbsup:
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    Haha, most welcome :)
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  6. At least the chair has helped people forget about the single gasket you left on the head during your engine build
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  7. I've been trying to forget it myself :rolleyes:
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  8. I'd quite like to see a bit of a TE Master Class. Like, basic servicing, valve setting, brake adjustment, setting up a welder and practice welds. That sort of thing. Choose someone's lucky van at random and have one of the pros on here talk the class through it and share experience.

    Having said all that, I now just want to sit in the field with a beer.
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  9. I was just wondering whether we could "improve" the experience sticking a USB web cam on some laptop, so theres a chance people other than the lucky two with their heads in the engine bay can see a bit more..
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    Personally I think the folk who get themselves to TE, in buses, on motorbikes, in tents etc should be the ones who benefit. Nobody would leave the house if it was on a plate...:D
  11. I did not mean that you would get the video later, more that the spectators would be treated to a live view on a monitor setup nearby ... Its quite hard for everybody to look down a carburettor throat at the same time.
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    I can remember at TE 1 and 2 and a few earlier ones where there were up to 15 people crammed around the back of a bus listening to teacher. That teacher was sometimes me!!!:eek:
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  13. Louey

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    A camera and a big screen would have been useful.
  14. There's an opportunist running an online "course" for a T2 learning programme on facebook. He or they claim to be "professionals" and are charging an arm and possibly half a leg and a kidney for it. Just thought someone on here should know. I loved the old Techenders. Best ever.
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  15. Who's that?

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  16. A guy named Graham Lyall and his Mrs. Aircooled Academy | Facebook Some people never miss an opportunity. I thought the idea of free knowledge and getting to know other like minded folk was part of the idea of owning these old beasties. Maybe I'm wrong.
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    Graham runs Midland Earlybay, Aircooled Academy is part of his business. A lot of people have good words to say about Graham, Ive spoken to his wife at one of the shows pre covid & she's a nice person to chat to.
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  18. I have spoken to MEB too at a show. Not nearly as pushy as Type2Detectives were.

    Going online kept the pennies coming in during Covid and not everyone has a friend who knows quite a lot about them to learn off.

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  19. Correct.

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  20. Yeah, you're wrong, as mork and skutterbob said above

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