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  1. Home made rustic pizza ….

    Flour water yeast oil

    Allow to prove for an hour


    tomato sauce . plum tommys ,blitzed added herbs and black pepper ,and reduce for 20 mins

    [htc pink,is not the true colour]


    rolled out dough, and toppings


    thin crust ,cheese,onion, basil


    thicker crust ,

    bacon, chorizo,cheese,chillies and onion


    thin crust cooked …


    thicker crust cooked and cut


    they were quite different ,the thin one was crisp ,and the thicker one was light and soft.. they were ‘’gone in 60 seconds’’…
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  2. That looks lovely mmmm pizza :food:
  3. Looks great! I sometimes knock up some homemade pizza
    Self raising flour and water mixed to a dough, tin tomato smashes up with any herbs you like/find/got

    Squash out some dough into a hot frying pan and just as it's browning give it a big soon of the sauce and top with cooked meats/veggies/cheeses and wack it under the grill till it melts and goes all gooie and yummy

    Campervan doable aswell :thumbsup:
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  4. ive made a second batch this weekend,
    some were made with nando's hot sauce and minced beef sprinkled over ,they were awesome
    and i did a tomato, stilton and onion with chives ...:chewie:

    i also used some left over dough, to make dough balls,[two discs with a filling] with cheese and chillies in ..:p
  5. More homemade pizza tonight..:)
  6. homemade is best.
  7. Barry Haynes

    Barry Haynes I dance in leopard skin mankini’s

    Pizza, It’s just cheese on toast isn’t it
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  8. No it's Euro cheese on toast, eat it while you still can.
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  9. Barry Haynes

    Barry Haynes I dance in leopard skin mankini’s

    Bloody foreigners they come over here take all our jobs, marry our women and then make us eat all their fancy lar de dar poncy cheese on toast
  10. Unless you make your own ,and it’s delivered to your door by a boy on a scooter it’s very expensive cheese and tomatoe on dough
  11. Talking of boys on scooters, I'm going to go off on a very risqué tangent, one that I have never fancied posting in the main forum where it might be spotted.

    Many years ago, whilst planning for a visit to a Volkswagen show that I choose not to name, I thought how amusing it would be to have a copy of the Sunday Telegraph delivered, out of the blue whilst I was sat about chilling with my unsuspecting mates.
    Obviously this doesn't just happen & a bit of planning was called for.
    A look at a map revealed a couple of nearby villages and a google found me my first paper shop.
    The conversation went a bit like this;

    "Do you deliver newspapers?"
    "Could you manage to deliver one to a bloke in a (insert colour) Volkswagen at the show on Sunday?"
    "I'd be happy to pay in advance"
    "It's to amuse me mates..."
    "I'd be willing to pay a tenner"
    "And are the papers delivered by like, you know, young schoolboys?"
    "On little bikes..."

    The idea did not develop to fruition.
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  12. Barry Haynes

    Barry Haynes I dance in leopard skin mankini’s

    You was lucky he didn’t contact operation yew tree lol:thumbsup:
  13. Now then, now then:eek:

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