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  1. Just got back from a trip to Tuckers Grave and then to Wells for a comedy festival Tuckers Grave is a cider pub (they also serve Butcombe) about 10 miles south of Bath. Used to overnight there occasionally in the van in the 80s/90s on a piece of rough ground round the back. These days there are three largish ‘camp where you like’ fields with a few hook-ups closer to the pub.

    The camp facilities are currently very basic (portaloos and a tap) but they have just opened a cafe/farm shop and are building a shower block, so the campsite itself is about to change, but it’s the pub, which has remained more or less unchanged for nearly 100 years, that sells it.

    We arrived Wed afternoon, chucked all the stuff out of the van and popped into the pub for a swift cider before lunch. Next thing we remember was waking up at around 9am. We had both somehow made it back to the correct van (always a bonus) and even managed to get undressed. The fridge had been ransacked, a table was partially assembled outside and there had been an attempt to put the blinds up on some of the windows. The next day/night wasn’t much better - but at least we recognised some of the people we’d met the night before.

    If you like the film ‘The Hangover’ you’ll love this place.
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  2. Great place just up from the road from me they often have good bands on Saturdays now.

    years ago we use to cycle out to it, if it was busy the landlady would let you go in her front room.
    The cider was in barrels on the window cill and you helped yourself and payed at the end of the night before a wobble back.
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    Made me chuckle thanks
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  4. The front room is now open to all. The barrels are the same and you can even pay by card now. In recent years we’ve only camped weekdays as the site can get pretty full at weekends, particularly when bands are playing in the barn. The Harley Davidson club are regular campers but a member of staff said that the last time they turned up only two of them were on bikes, the rest were in campers and motorhomes. Getting old I guess.
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