Tw12 classics on the green. 18th July

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  1. Still tempted, but might not be in Lottie.
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  2. i'm almost interested
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  3. I'll probably be on my bike:)
    Maybe sampling some ale:burp:
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  4. Didn’t put the van in. It’s in a right old state!
  5. I hope to cycle down tomorrow
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  6. Have a top day, chaps :)
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  7. Take your van up where?
  8. Think I’ll stay in bed a while. It’s a bit grim out there right now.
    Due to stop around midday.
  9. It’s cracking flags here! It’s always sunny in Saltaire
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  10. Bog off!
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  11. Grumpy pants!
  12. 2F4D67F0-AA5A-4A62-B81E-E0D4ECF7E378.jpeg

    @Barry Haynes :)

    Because you are weird and like mk2s I’ll have the one on the right!! :)
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  13. Actually I prefer the mark 1, but they are both lovely I want, any more pics
  14. For some unknown reason I thought you liked the mk2.

    There are a few ‘tinas
    C494EF0D-80BE-4B75-832A-A94CC50D55C1.jpeg B7584369-AEE7-4610-A41D-E1B186732735.jpeg
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  15. Will put a link up later for photos.
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  17. Love the Citroen ds!
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  18. scrooge95

    scrooge95 Prefect

  19. I hate surf boards (especially if it’s not used for surfing). I just think idiots.
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  20. Nope :(

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