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  1. I’m putting off this job as I’m scared of cutting the hole in the floor for the heater pipe to come into the van. I realise that chassis rails and out riggers should be avoided but I’m worried that I’ll wish I had put the propex somewhere else underneath and I don’t want more than one hole in the floor. I have an lpg tank underslung.

    So where should the underslung propex go? I suppose somewhere at the back of the cargo floor so that the heat comes up under the rock roll bed. I’m guessing easier access when fitting rather than between the front seats and out the heater vent there.
    Or maybe under the cupboard where the westy berlin water tank used to be. That way gas pipes could be t-ed off the hob quite easily.

    Any pictures of someone else’s underslung propex installation very much appreciated.
  2. use the floor vent between the two front seats, perfect for blasting the heat upwards and back towards the bed.

    Blank off the engine heater duct and plumb in your new heater pipe. no holes cut and works awesome

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  3. Sounds like a great idea! Is there room underneath somewhere local to that point for a propex box to be secured?
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  4. Cheers @theBusmonkey. Very helpful. So your propex was more towards the rear of the van?
  5. Yes, the Westy has a couple of inlets into the cabin, one in the walkthrough and one which comes up through the floor, under the bed and diverts through a grille in the bed base into the cabin.
    So I got a mandrel bend and had it welded in next to the Westy bed inlet, so both could be plumbed into the inlet and return bosses on the propex.
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  6. That way @ginger ninja , the heat fires forwards so the propex can be used to heat the cabin when driving if necessary. I used the Westy underbed triangular diverter plate to fire the warm air out through the Westy bed grille. It works well...:thumbsup:
    There are a couple more images on pages 10 and 12 that show the relative positions of stuff
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  7. I looked up mandrel bend and have understood that bit. Then I looked up boss return and I now know how to return goods to Hugo Boss.
    So an idiot’s guide to what a boss return is would be much appreciated.

  8. Haha, sorry Paul.
    I didn't know what to call the big blue inlet and outlet things on the propex. Ports maybe, outlets...of course I chose the most confusing term lol.
    The plumbing-in bit was just a reference to connecting the pipes to the propex with a bit of that black flexible tube.
    Mandrel bends are available on fleabay etc in various diameters and angles. Used for exhausts etc and not a lot of money:thumbsup:
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  9. You are amazing!. Thanks so much.

    I have no excuse now.

    Have a great weekend.


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