Wildcamping POI (point of interest) 4594 places England, Wales and Scotland

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  1. I have paid £15 for this from the site below :)

    If you email me I would gladly send you the link then you could purchase this file


    Wildcamping POI (points of intrest) For your Satnav :)

    4,594 places throughout England, Wales and Scotland

    Wild Camp and Pub Stop files

    4306 wild camping locations :thinking:
    288 pub stopovers spots ;)

    Each entry is categorised by prefixing the wild camping location description as follows:

    The prefixes are particularly useful on a satnav to help you choose a location that is suitable for you. 8) :thinking:
    CR - car park rural
    CU - car park urban

    LR - layby rural
    LU - layby urban

    OR - other rural location
    OU - other urban location

    PH - pub stopover

    The prefix is followed by the place name.

    All descriptions have the county name appended.

    If it's a pub stopover, the description includes the pub name after the location name.

    If a location is accessed from a dual carriageway, the description includes the direction of travel for access.

    Included are Wild Camp and Pub Stop files for use with Tom Tom, Garmin, Navman and Navigon satnav devices, each in an appropriately named folder.

    A Google Earth folder contains what you need for Google Earth

    There are also folders for Autoroute and Memory Map users. The Autoroute folder contains an AXE file that can be opened directly in Autoroute 2010, and a CSV that can be imported into other versions of Autoroute (instructions are provided).

    The Memory Map file is only for use with Version 5 (2005)

    Finally there's a folder with the information in GPS Exchange Format (GPX) - if you need it, you'll know what it contains ...

    Comments have been added where useful. These are only accessible in Google Earth and AutoRoute.

    For example, the comments contain information about:

    - Places that charge
    - Access restrictions
    - Pub phone numbers
    - Toilet facilities

    All the GPS positions have been confirmed using Google Earth and Memory Map.
  2. thanks for being a scout Mark, have some k
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    Good buy and kind offer K+
  4. agreed .. Looks very good K+
  5. Looks very good, I signed up as a free member and have searched their forum for places on a couple of trips. Both turned out to be great spots.

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    Hi Mark thanks thats superb , my email addy is mjcashie@hotmail.com , cheers Malc
  7. Nicely done fella
  8. Thanks Mark,
    Thats great. Email add cathie.turnock@ntlworld.com .Have emailed you also.
    Hope all is good.
    Cheers Ian
  9. Looks good - have PMd you K+
  10. So I can just rock up at these places and sleep in the van? I likey!

    My email address is fearn952@btinternet.com :)
  11. So basically you could stay here for free overnight in this wonderful location near Coniston water and Windermere




    Let's go to Street view in Google Earth :)


    And this is where we're going to camp tonight. To your left through the trees are some picnic tables as well :)


    The best way to use this point of interest database would be to plan a journey first. This would involve you choosing where you want to visit and then I would suggest you download Google Earth onto your PC laptop. Then double-click on the download folder that you purchased from the website then go into Google Earth folder and double-click on the icons inside. This will start on Google Earth automatically and all the red pins will be visible on the UK map. Then zooming to the area you want to visit find the pins that are near by and zoom in to Street view level to see if you like the location where you plan to camp. If you don't choose another pin near your selected location and then when you are happy with it you can then program that into your sat mouth.
    Remember obviously you have to copy the relevant points of interest file from the folder on to your Satnav device.
  12. Many many thanks!!!
  13. Are you in that thar Cumbria now then Mark?
  14. no not tonight ::)

    I think this is so cool 8)
    cant Wait to try it out ;D
  15. are sure there not camping sites mark

  17. fixed the post for ya :lol:

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