Winnie the Poo (update: track rods)

Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by rob.e, Mar 5, 2014.

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    I hope the coupler does not have metal reinforcement in the rubber, just fabric, as it looks like it is punched out of conveyor belt style material.
    Or you may have random toots..
  3. matty

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    not on a late setup
  4. yep, I need my current to flow, that’s why it’s got the jumper cable, right?

    I think original ones may have also had some sort of reinforcement too?

    I’ve also got a polyurethane (I think) coupler that’s really REALLY stiff, can’t remember where I bought it. That’s my “plan-B” if the lares one doesn’t work out.
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    On a Late Bay it doesn't matter if the coupling is conductive or not. Earlies with the weird horn wiring on the other hand...
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  6. Wow, steering is a revelation. Combination of new drag link (a couple of weeks ago) plus the N2 engineering recon box its like a new bus - steering is light and direct once you're above walking speeds, can steer just with finger and thumb, such a big change vs. the old box. I also set the wheel so its actually in the right orientation for straight ahead driving - first time its been like this since i got the bus 9 yrs ago lol.

    Did prob 250 miles round trip on Sun to Beach Dubbin' - drove great however i did notice a slight slackening off towards the end of the return trip - do these bed-in or similar? I'll get it up on the jack stands again later and check for lash.
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  7. Belly

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    I went full LED a couple of weeks ago. It just involves using the flasher relay from CCL, I also changed to LED in my instrument clusters except battery warning. That involved moving a couple of wires in the fusebox that go to the flasher relay but nothing mindblowing!!
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  8. Drove in to central London, bus was being used in a film.


  9. IMG_9764.jpeg IMG_9766.jpeg

    .. and had my throttle cable break :eek:

    fixed at the side of the road - I carry a spare and I had tools with me.
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  10. Someone took a pic of us arriving at Beach Dubbin last weekend.

  11. IMG_9836.jpeg IMG_9837.jpeg IMG_9838.jpeg Moonrack

    picked this up from Facebook marketplace for 15 quid (surf shops in Devon charge 60 quid for something like this).

    the westy roof I guess is going to be strong enough to take the weight of a couple of boards but I wouldn’t want to put anything heavier up there.

    the moonrack is designed to go through the inside of a car which obviously won’t work on the bus so I have fitted some simple loops - these are actually aerial mounts from a diy shop, just a few quid each and they are galvanised. All seems to work ok.
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  13. Seems good, got about 700 miles on it so far. Big difference is the new steering box though - way better than the old one.
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  14. Belly

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    Do you have any idea if its conductive ?, I was going to order a couple from the states but the year of my bus means it has to isolate for the horn to work properly
  15. It came with a jumper wire already attached so I’m guessing it’s not conductive.

    you could ask them the question I guess. Search for the thread on thesamba- that might have been discussed?
  16. Did some research after i'd changed my throttle cable, turns out i was missing the rubber boot that stops dirt from getting in to the cable conduit - replaced that.. Also read up on lubrication for the cable runs - this Motul P4 gets some great reviews - i got a can and generously lubricated the throttle cable conduit from both ends - blimey, such a difference - super smooth now :)

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