FOR SALE Five steel wheels and tyres / wheelnuts SOLD

Discussion in 'Late Bay Parts Classifieds' started by MorkC68, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. I have five steel wheels which may have come off Major years ago which need a refurbishment and new tyres.

    There is a bag of wheel nuts too.

    Ideal to pop onto a restoration project :)
    20180710_095750798_iOS.jpg 20180710_095809902_iOS.jpg 20180710_095829917_iOS.jpg 20180710_095841771_iOS.jpg 20180710_095851961_iOS.jpg

    They are located in Kirkby in Ashfield.

    Ideally I'd like to sell all five as a set but I'm open to selling one as a single and four as a set.

    £50 for all five

    £10 for the single & £40 for a set of four.
  2. Wheels anyone :D

    I could do with them gone out of the way!
  3. I’d take them but unfortunately I’m too far away I think? I’m in luton, Bedfordshire

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  4. We're three miles to the right of Junction 28 on the M1, which is possibly 100 miles each way from Luton.

    If that helps :)
  5. It would have yesterday I had to drive to Leeds Bradford airport

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  6. TLB Courier network :lol:

    My better half comes to Luton with her work..she did say don't even think about it!
  7. Tell her “just a couple at a time is fine” I’m literally 2 mins off j10A

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  8. the look was words necessary :lol:
  9. if you had said a couple of weeks ago you could of brought them to dent..........
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  10. Shame ‘cos otherwise I’d definitely buy them

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  11. Im tempted @MorkC68 plus I'm only in Chesterfield. Do the tyres hold air? the ones on my resto don't!

    I'd take all five too as they're in way better condition than any of mine
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  12. They used to a couple of years ago. The walls look okay enough to hold air :)
  13. Can’t be any worse than the cracked and split ones that I have now, I’ll take em!

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