1974 Panel Van Project £3,995

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  1. 1974 VW T2 Panel Van

    Complete, running and driving, lowered on not so polished Fuchs.

    It was ‘restored’ many years ago with photographic documentation.

    Had a new front clip, O/S Arch, Inner Sill, Outrigger.. it still needs plenty of work but all of the panels are there and they’re not the cheap nonsense you can get - it’s AutoCraft, Schofield’s & CoolAir stuff.

    It needs the rear arch, o/s corner & sill, n/s front arch, outrigger and a few sections of the guttering sorted.
    I’m absolutely fixed on price as I’m several thousand down on it already and I’ll get the work done if I have to.


    East Sussex.

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  2. Now reduced for a swift sale.
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    Why don’t you just get the work done and get more money for it?

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