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  1. Just before Christmas last year I managed to wangle redundancy, don’t feel sorry for me though as I was on a good contract, so it worked out well. . No plans to get another job ..... in effect retired. I managed to keep myself busy during the winter walking dog, doing odd jobs round the house and generally farting about. I said that when the weather got better I would go for a little trip in the van.... just me and the dog. Well that day has come today.

    Left home in Ashby de la Zouch this afternoon and arrived on my first stop at a council owned campsite called Hartsholme Country Park on the outskirts of Lincoln. As you will see from the pics it is superb, very quiet and picturesque. Walked round the nature reserve covering 3 miles. Set up camp now and will crack open a lovely bottle of Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold Malt whisky in a bit.

    Tomorrow we set off for Easington in S. York’s, just over the Humber Bridge. Then the plan is to spend a week working my way up the East Coast. Lots of walks and Sowerby Hall Parkrun on Saturday.

    I’ll post everyday so that at least I have a record of my trip.
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    Fair play to you @Osbert living the dream

    Get tapatalk on your mobile phone, it make posting photos much easier
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    Have a fab time @Osbert :)
    Is the lake a part of the campsite? I like campsites with water.
    Keep the photos coming :)
  4. Yep water everywhere, and you can buy day tickets.
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  5. Dalwhinnie opened..... cheers 67303E46-0326-4546-8615-12A3781005D8.jpeg
  6. Cheers! Have a great trip. Hope it’s warmer and drier than flipping Kent was today.
    Is that a border terrier I see? Just about my favourite dog.
  7. Enjoy the trip ,look forward to the pics :thumbsup:
  8. Hope you have a fab time... I'm WellJel! :)

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  9. Yep..... Hattie, she is great, I joined the border terrier club on Facebook... fills your feed with tons of cute pictures and videos.
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    Enjoy the trip, its not the destination its the journey :) and a wee cheeky single malt always helps the evenings restful and worthwhile .. The Dalwhinney distillery is just off the A9 around 20 miles north of Dunkeld.. Take a trip up there you wont regret it .. :)
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    Happy travelling dude :thumbsup:
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    Fantastic. Nowt more to say :hattip::beer:
  13. Day 2 pics and narrative...
    3DA85C3B-752A-43F8-B1F2-A37E2D703976.jpeg 564C06FB-5A79-4EB8-800C-6493CFC4791D.jpeg 9261C4B4-C3C0-4C4D-8AE5-751EAF91180C.jpeg A046D10F-B559-4CEB-BC3C-69614B8CB015.jpeg E03ADEE2-28BD-4FCE-A9C8-D4B641C76903.jpeg B66F4CB5-B7A6-4E2F-B317-D75FE7EE710F.jpeg 3F8B85F3-109F-4D8F-8F8D-81A6F4FE4D85.jpeg
    How early do birds start singing this time of year?!... 3.25am!!! Anyway despite this had a pretty good sleep, punctuated as usual by trips to the loo..... old man syndrome. Breakfast and a little run with the dog (only 4 miles), followed by clean and brush up and off to Easington where I am staying at a place called The Paddock. Had a really good run, albeit it is a distance. Took nearly 2 hrs, which is more driving than I want to do each day.

    Anyway went straight the beach, parked up had some lunch and walked to the Spurn, ( which is the hooky bit of land at mouth of the Humber Estuary) . You can walk right to the end, but tide needs to be out and when I reached the Discovery Centre, where I had a tea and cake I didn’t fancy another 7 miles on my legs to get to the end.

    Arrived at the campsite and only one other elderly couple here in their Citroen Relay..... the campsite owner isn’t here, apparently he’ll be back tomorrow, so it’s sort yourself out. Site is my first Camping and Caravanning Club site and it is very nice, washrooms are immaculate. The only thing that the dog is unsure of is the mooing from over the way, this at least means she is not wandering too far from my side.

    Tomorrow it’s a shorter drive to near Bridlington.
  14. Good for you. Life is about experiences and not possessions. Have fun and enjoy it all.
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  15. Hope you have an amazing time! More Hattie photos please.
  16. Here’s one specially for you, tired girl. 3D1A7D79-1D17-4182-979A-FEDC8683EE37.jpeg
  17. Blue skies and open roads. Perfect!
    Love reading of your journey....

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    Wonderful, and fair play to you (and Hattie) for getting out there and doing it. Keep the pictures and narrative coming :)
  19. 832B55E7-208F-4109-98AF-9823241096F5.jpeg 40C2E63D-352F-47E0-874E-3FA7633E14AB.jpeg 71F6550D-838C-4CFB-8E29-AA80CB55CAC2.jpeg 326C01B1-E97C-4568-9449-5395226DEC2D.jpeg 2A6DB7E0-A989-4815-9FA0-1DD4D3739D48.jpeg CF395638-DF3C-4293-AFF8-97E258B22E7B.jpeg 6696CE67-2B3D-4EBB-BE3F-4BC9B4975939.jpeg Day 3. drove from Easington to Flamborough via Hornsea.

    Slept in til 9, obviously getting used to the van’s bed, albeit I do have a memory foam mattress topper (50 quid from Argos... money well spent). The journey is about 45 miles and the roads were pretty clear, til we got to Bridlington, but even then not horrendous. Lots of blue and yellow bicycles outside shops and houses to mark the Tour de Yorkshire, which is on this week.

    We did stop at Hornsea which was a bit ordinary, no dogs allowed on main beaches but we did find one so that Hattie could wet her feet. One good thing was a coffee and rocky road cost £2.50 from a cafe on the sea front.

    We arrived at our campsite just after lunch and it is truly fabulous, it’s called Wold Farm, just outside Flamborough. A short walk to the cliffs and RSPB nature reserve, which has puffins.... never saw any mind you. Lots of photos of guillemots, but def no Puffins!

    My wife has joined me for one night tonight, ice creams on North Sands and got my toes wet paddling in a cave where the see has eroded the rock.... pictures below.

    Tomorrow morning it’s Sewerby Hall Park run and off to Scarborough to meet my daughter who is coming from York.

    A really good day. Beautiful coastal path, great scenery and so different from yesterday.
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