Adjusting Your Steering Box

Discussion in 'How To' started by snotty, Aug 25, 2015.

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    36, probably :)
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    Steering box spanner size.jpg
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    99% sure I used a 36 mm, check B&Q they did have a range of cheap big sockets....
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    It shouldn't be particularly tight.
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  5. I found that i could remove the box with the arm/ nut still all attached just by tweaking / bending the backing plate a bit to get that off first - it isn't that strong. With that out of the way, theres plenty of space to get the arm through the hole in the chassis, just need to rotate it until you can get it through. Its then much ealier to work on removing the arm/nut with the box off the van. You can re-flatten the plate again easily enough once its removed.
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  6. You don't need to take the nut off.

    Why are you taking the box off anyway?
  7. 100 ft lbs, as I recall.
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    With beer in hand I thank you all...
    Very, very leaky box
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    More than finger tight then!
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    It was beyond me too as the square(ish) plate is trapped between the chassis and arm.
  11. Indeed. Best left in place (together with the drop arm ball joint) when tightening. Don't forget the locking tab if you are determined to take it off. Don't want your drop arm falling off on the motorway, which would be embarrassing.
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    Many minutes later the steering box decided that I wasn't going to give in, so conceded defeat and allowed me to get it out from under the van.


    There are undoubtedly many ways of passing the fixing plate over the pitman arm with the locking tab in place, but my method, after a long time trying was to cut off the plate ...eek (it will be welded up later.


    The locking tab still needed a lot of persuasion to fit through the chassis hole, but by bending it down flat the 3 exposed faces, it finally slipped out and all 4 spacer rods still in place.

    I'm sure some will tut at my method, I sure did, but what is done is done.

    Now for the servicing!

    PS thanks all for your help.
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    "There are undoubtedly many ways of passing the fixing plate over the pitman arm with the locking tab in place, but my method, after a long time trying was to cut off the plate ...eek (it will be welded up later."

    Yes, you take the arm off in situ, as the chassis rail is a very good way of holding the box still while you crack off that nut , and then wind up the three leg puller to get it to go BANG ! :sick:

    I seem to remember that both the nut and the puller came undone heaving pretty hard on a 50cm breaker bar , or maybe putting my feet on it and pushing ..
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    Am i right in thinking this gap is sorted by loosening the sheer bolt and sliding the outer column up towards the steering wheel. I must have disturbed the shaft and the outer column removing the steering box and coupler.
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    One hydraulic press, one blow torch and two hammers later, the arm thankfully went pop! this was after trying a big puller to no avail.

    The backing plate has been welded back into shape, but I'm going to need a new folding washer.

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    The box is back together and leak tests successfully dry :). I just need to adjust as mentioned above and refit.


    After my struggle with the fixing plate removal, I looked at why my fixing plate could not be manipulated over the pitman arm insitu. IMO the fixing plate will only go over the pitman arm if there is enough space between the body of the box and the arm. My arm was quite close to the body and having now checked this, it does not look possible for the fixing plate to slide over the arm without a larger space for the plate to fit into and then angle over the arm. Obviously, I may be wrong, but thought I'd mention my observation.

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    If anyone is looking to sort the seals on theirs, these were the seals I ordered for mine. I ordered them from bearings are us. Mine is a 79 late bay.

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    Just thinking. If you wind the adjuster screw right in, the shaft will move out..

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