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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by John Drake, Apr 8, 2021.

  1. Hello guys, is anyone running all terrain tyres please and has anyone got 15 wheels with them on? Unsure if to keep standard rims or go slightly bigger? Pictures would be great
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  2. [​IMG]

    205/16s here slight rubbing on the front to be honest I’d stick to 15” next time
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    Maxxis Big Horn 27 x 8.5 R14 ;)

    Fitted on stock VW 14” steel wheel rims.

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    I like that :thumbsup:
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    Looks the part doesn't it! :D
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    Appeals to the old lizard brain, that one :D
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    :lol: Lizard brain, I like that !!
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    @pkrboo :cool:
  10. BF AT’s I think they are 205/70/16 but maybe 215’s

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  11. Just 185R14C on standard rims Dscn2256.jpg
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    look like 16 inch syncro wheels
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  13. Yes :thumbsup:
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    Its cheaper than getting a Freeway Flyer, and an alternative way of making a stock engine have even less grunt (same torque larger radius, less force, same as higher gear ratios) at the wheels.
    Hello cooling troubles..

    A bus with stock sized off road tyres can probably do just as well and make it up steeper hills...
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  16. I have thought about getting all terrain tires because I really like the look of a rugged bus but in terms of practicality, they would be noisy on the highway and the D rated commercial tires I have on it now have been more than adequate for any rough roads I have traveled.

    I find that my bus handles better and more comfortably than my Subaru Forester the on rough roads.
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  17. Agreed , it's all about the look rather than practicality . I've never been totally stuck in the van and taken it along some great tracks looking for a decent wildcamping spot .

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  18. Yeah but it looks nice.... :)

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