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  1. Unusual to have a spare Saturday so decided to replace the upper balljoint .Some years ago I bought this plate to use on the hydraulic press from a member on this site (cannot remember his user name ?) and cannot recommend it enough .I think it cost me £25 and worth every penny .Also found a spanner it the tool store than hasn't been used for years and is ideal for the large 36mm camber adjusting nut .It is super skinny and light and is specifically intended for removal of the old viscous cooling fans on cars such as pre 90s Transits , Bedford CF etc .I did do a search and used ones are readily available and not to expensive . 1711186966724971473248277591601.jpg 17111870385468783503645528792731.jpg 17111870797132112818465993857071.jpg
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    There is also a skinny adjustable spanner from Bahco, they do two sizes and the larger one (9031-T) stretches to camber nuts.

    That metal plate is great, I have one too.
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    I also saw somebody on youtube using a big welding clamp with cast jaws that could be trimmed to fit in the notches in the ball joint in place of the ring with the tabs.. Screenshot_20240411_134618_YouTube.jpg

    I do have one of TLB'ers ball joint plates too.
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