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    Bentley Official Service Manual, Stationwagon/Bus 1968-1979. Amazon. £36.00. 9/10

    If you have a stateside bus this really is a useful manual to have. If yours is European then it offers useful info but some won't be relevant to you.

    As a manual this contains lots of useful tech details and despite it being laid out in a somewhat backward way compared to the Haynes manuals we have all become accustomed to you do eventually get use to it. Likewise the electric diagrams are not as clear as the Haynes one which are more schematic drawings of the bus wiring as you would have it if you laid it out in your garage. All but 2 follow the more complicated run of numbers on a block and are not as easy to quickly identify what that item is without referring to the index.

    I'm very much a visual person when learning so the use of clear and concise photographs is really useful too. It even has a section for the AFC fuel injection system which is something the Haynes manual briefly touches on.

    What isn't so good is the price. At £36 l am somewhat loathed to get it dirty so l am now on the lookout for a used copy.

  2. You should see the price of the split van one then!

    all bentley vw manuals are ace in my book.

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