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  1. Had a couple hrs de stress in the kitchen , it always calms me down ;D. For Dins Tonight; ive done Roasted veg and gammon one Dish. not cooked yet. All i do is look in fridge see what ive got n , got some mushrooms halved them large carrot cut lenghtways in to triangular sticks same with a parsnip, cut half a leek into half then half length ways slice a tato not to thick then they go crunchy, crush two cloves of garlic, four chunks of red pepper four chunks of green pepper, whole conference pear yep cut into four remove pips cut again.Chuck in a roasting dish, sprinkle over some olive oil then small sprinkle of mixed herbs fresh if you have bit of rosemary,sprinkle of aromat. Lay in your meat ( gammon cuts, i buy big piece of gammon cut a few slices off and keep rest for another day) in tray now the yum , drizzle honey over gammon and veg on show, black pepper .Then cover with tin foil put in low oven 110-120 for about n hr pending oven? then remove foil wak up to 180 couple of nobs of butter brown top crisp tatos. DONE .Plate up and eat with nice glass of cold cider or white wine. ^-^. Will put Bread pud on post below...........
  2. ingreedy ents mixed in bowl Before cooking after.
    Right get your ingreedy ents: Old bread any colour sliced or other. Half of half lb butter (butters best).2large eggs, four tea bags ::) Mixed spice Hpd teasoon .lvl teaspoon of cinnimon and ginger.Four dessert spoons of golden syrup, two of lemon juice half grated rind of lemon fine grate. Make tea two tea bags in mug half full boiling water fill mug with mixed fruit ( I buy cheapest sainsburys mixed as it adds a bit more flavour than just sultanas.)make this twice or two mugs full if you like. Chuck into broken up bread Whole large mixing bowl full. Then add half cup of sugar, then all the above accept butter. Put butter in mug microwave to soften till runny. Strir other mixture then add butter sTir . Grease suitable baking dish ceramic or tin,as mixture .Put in low oven 120 so as not to burn top/fruit to much. Cook for 35-45 mins.Sprinkle with sugar. Allow to cool , dont eat when warm hot ??? Unless you want with cream or icecream for pud yumm. Have cold in van with nice cuppa tea or coffee ^-^.Keep wrapped in foil in fridge keeps for ages .
  3. Dins up juices from the dish with a bit of cider and gravy thickener with a drop of cider Pud up
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    Can I come and live at yours Barney :)
  6. I love bread pudding, not had it in years. Hate bread and butter pudding though. Mmmm might have to make some now have k for the hammy tray bake and another for the bread puds :thumb up:

    I've put them both in the stickies too ;)

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