boiling meat..

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  1. whilst looking for some recipes,
    i came across boiling whole chickens,:thinking:

    not something i have done,
    my brothers italian wife said its quite popular in italy,
    and Asians cook quite alot by boiling,
    it seems to be a thing not done in the uk so much ..

    heres one im cooking now..:hattip:

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  2. Are you still cooking it:p wots it look like after and how did it taste;)
  3. Just stopped..:D

    Smells fantastic when cooking..:thumbsup:

    Cooked (light boiling)it for 15 mins

    Covered with tea towels..
    Left it for 4hrs..

    then turned it over and simmered for another 15 mins ..
    Covered again..

    Left to sit over nite..

    Removed the meat from the broth..
    Will eat tonight..

    Pics to follow..:hattip:
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  5. Faust

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    Someone fly mowing near it ;)
  6. Here's a version for camping..

  7. here it is cold in the morning ...

    then warmed and the meat removed...


    the broth..

    had noodles cooked in it and was then added to the veg..

  8. You can make a lovely stew with a piece of beef brisket, nothing wrong with boiling crapper meats or cuts.
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    Nutritionally the good stuff is going to end up in the water so don't chuck that away and just eat the meat!
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    Chicken soup - a cure for all ills

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