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  1. I took my 1966 MGB to a friendly MOT's only place in Jarvis Brook, near Crowborough as I always take the car there. This time he said all ok except one of the rear brakes had low performance. He knew and could see the car was very well looked after. He passed it without any advisories and he asked if I would check it out as soon as possible.

    I did just that and found a leaky wheel cylinder. Replaced both sides and new shoes, all done.

    A different example is my son took his T25 to a local tester in Bexhill where the van is always tested. The tester has a T25 himself. This time the van failed due to rust in a prescribed area at the rear sill next to the rear trailing arm. In my view he was correct and should have failed it as the location is a critical area. You don't want a tester to ignore critical issues.

    I took my Bay to a local garage near Lamberhurst which does work on older cars as well as modern. The tester has 2 Bays and is an enthusiast. The van failed as on the day the electric screen washer pump failed so no squirt. They refused to pass it. I fixed the washer and they passed it. They pointed out an issue with NSF brake as an advisory. I am happy they tested it thoroughly and suggested I check the brakes out. which I have done.

    I feel these 3 experiences do show that MOT testers do a professional job.
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  2. Can Anyone recommend a VW t2 friendly garage for work and Mot in Cumbria, preferably west Cumbria as I live in Whitehaven
  3. I have always taken my bay for MOT in Derby to:

    Villa Street Motors
    4 Villa Street
    DE72 3PZ
    01332 874434

    Dave has always been very tolerant, apart from the time he peeled off one of my patches with a screwdriver and leered "go on a welding course dan..."
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  4. good thread, with my classic car and bikes i travel far to use mot stations that understand older vehicles.

    so can anyone recommend a bay friendly station in (west) cornwall?
  5. In my south London days I used this mob in the railway arches at Deptford - no pass, no fee so the ultimate never ending free retest! Top chaps who understood old vehicles and were really fair. Spotlessly clean (OCD clean) with a nice high roof too so no issues as it went up on the ramp. About the only thing I miss from London!!

    In Chester I've used Hatton Heath garage Chief tester is a bit older and again understands what's important. More than happy to let you have a poke around whilst its on the ramp too if there is anything interesting to see, which is helpful and provided a short list of non-mot items that I might like to have a quick look at as well.
  6. I've used Arnolds MOT & Service Centre, Kidlington, just outside Oxford. Unit 16C/Station Field Ind Est, Kidlington OX5 1JD 01865 842400

    They're used to seeing classics and aren't phased by a 40 year old camper:
  7. MOT 4 U , in Chertsey Surrey
  8. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    Probably the exception to the rule ..I had mine done at Halfords in Grantham ( purely because they could fit me in at last minute on a Sunday) The tester gave the van a right good going over - if already mentioned that I'd had a lot of work done on the brakes ( didn't tell him I'd done it ) and to thoroughly check them in particularly ,
    I thought he was going to fail it as he was going through everything with a fine tooth comb - what I wanted really.

    He came in and declared it had passed with no advisorys - turns out he's had a few splits and bays in his time and new exactly where and what to look for - he became quite nostalgic it's a thumbs up for Halfords from me ( on his occasion)
  9. Hi, can thoroughly recommend Taylors Moorview Service Station , Lawhitton , Launceston, PL15, 9NJ . Only about 30 mins from you .
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  10. John and his team at Kent VW in Margate. They've been looking after my van for 5 years now and always do a great job 01843 226777
    They do restoration work as well as mechanical and prices are really fair. Can't speak highly enough of them!
  11. Any near Reading?
  12. Overland
    Unit 5
    Brick Kiln
    Silchester Road

    Dave the chief mechanic and MOT inspector has experience with vintage cars and now looks after my 73 Westy....
  13. Pitlane in Luton are great. They look after my van and changed my engine recently. Great bunch if guys . Address: 25 Scott Road
    Sundon Park
    LU3 3BN

    Landline: 01582 593667
    Fax: 01582 504899

    Website: Website:
  14. A. Doyle Motor Vehicle Engineers
    MOT Centre
    Unit 19
    Weaver Industrial Estate
    Blackburne Street

    01514 940560

    Ask for Alan Davies (owner) , he's a biker at heart but loves all things VW.
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  15. Medway MOT Centre in Rainham, Kent is van friendly as they also work on our vans. Paul and the crew did excellent work on my son's T25 and they had other vw vans in there for work and mot's.
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  16. Hi all

    Got to get the camper MOT-ed and I've always used Alan Hill Motors in Crystal Palace as I'm SE London. Phoning him just now I get unobtainable. Is he still in business? I used him last year! Any other options in SE London?


  17. ... I'm guessing he's sold up as I found a planning application from Jan for flats there.
  18. Try the Medway MOT Centre, just off the A2 in Rainham. They are vw van friendly and as well as mot's they work on them as well. My son took his T25 there and the local vw clubs use them.
  19. Thanks for the tip

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