Cheryl’s first bus

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  1. Well perseverance pays off. We are all up and running, runs mint when it’s warmed up, not so great when it’s cold but can’t have it both ways lol


  2. tried to do some interior bits today

    Sat down for 5 minutes and realised it’s to warm

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    You could do with that fan on kiddo :D
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  4. I dunno how it’s wired in. There’s no leisure battery installed yet, but terminals and wiring in left hand side of engine bay

    I do have a leisure battery that was given to me for free. It’s a £300 one, but it doesn’t have normal terminals on, I have to screw m8 bolts into it so it must need some kind of special clamp that you bolt to the battery
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    For the clamps, Vehicle Wiring Products in Ilkeston is a good starting point, they have a host of them!
  6. I will have a look. Thank you
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  7. Not a great deal to update on. Took the silly filthy seals off the louvred windows so they look much cleaner now. Front shock bolt was loose, just been nothing but driving it around a lot lol




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    Matlock Bath, one of my old stomping grounds!
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  9. Ah I love the place. I didn’t realise people was parking up on main road for the night. I didn’t go prepared only went for a bag of chips, ended up talking to most the pub as everyone was out camping. Gutted
  10. that would explain the "crashy bangy ride"
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    Growing up in Crich, Matlock Bath & Matlock was our friday & saturday night go to place, it was a meeting point for every locale close by, Crich, Fritchley, Wirksworth, Cromford etc.

    I didnt know that parking up was allowed as Ive not been down since covid hit.
  12. yes it sounds much better. However there is play underneath where the brake pedal connects to the long rod, I’ve got videos to explain it better.
  13. during Covid was probably the best time to go, no one about and plenty of parking LOL

    but yes a few people was parked up on the main road. Your ok until 9am then you have to pay
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  14. More small updates. Took the rear bumper off to get rid of all this waxy black stuff from the rear end.

    still plodding along removing old glue from the doors where the old seal was. That’s taking forever lol

    finished scrapping the louvred windows from the old seals, and some sticky residue that they was covered in.

    IMG_2098.jpeg IMG_2100.jpeg IMG_2101.jpeg IMG_2102.jpeg
  15. Yellow lenses :)

    EC05C067-8CC5-4BBE-8021-40358BAD4951.jpeg 1E0155C8-8938-4A89-8784-B3B9F4BA102C.jpeg
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  16. A few updates

    it’s now running correctly I think with help from me pal took it in a sunset drive.

    sorted all the wiring out under the buddy seat, installed a leisure battery, and a switch panel

    tightened all the covers up on the seats

    cleaned all the grime off at the back end


    IMG_1825.jpeg IMG_1965.jpeg IMG_1954.jpeg IMG_2100.jpeg IMG_2101.jpeg IMG_2287.jpeg IMG_2297.jpeg IMG_2302.jpeg IMG_2305.jpeg
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  17. Installed the under trays

    the gear yoke tongue fork thing broke on way to Santa pod. So went back home and fixed it. Eventually arrived at Santa pod for bug jam, best show I’ve done so far

    painted the cab floor, layer some underlay down

    IMG_2322.jpeg IMG_2377.jpeg D8D819AE-FB12-405E-AF62-27F062431BA1.jpeg IMG_2633.jpeg DSC_0202.jpeg IMG_0268.jpeg IMG_0327.jpeg IMG_0329.jpeg
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    Not really a good idea to screw the 12v panel to the 230v main switch cover

    You could turn it 90deg our move it to the right and put another bit of wood to support it that would also prevent the 12v wires being pulled out when stuff is shoved in the cupboard.
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  19. the screws don’t foul anything, I’ve just thrown it in there for now as I will be changing the interior. That 240v thing will be thrown out, everything I have is 12v.

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