Chine Farm near Brightstone

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  1. Its about a year since we stayed here. Twas May bank holiday and it was actually fairly quiet, and thats not because it was gash. I would highly recommend it. Its on Military Road on the south side of the island. Nice spot right on the cliffs, electric hook ups available, basic but nice shower/toilet block. Check it out here
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    Thanks :)
  3. I've cycled past ... looks good albeit a bit open to the wind ... pray your there on a calm weekend :))
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    We went here a week ago and it is good. You can park right up on the cliffs edge but it can get very windy - as it was on our first and last days. Pitched in a van without an awning or canopy you'd be fine even in the wind.

    Facilities are clean and modernish but very busy when the site is full. There is a shop (in reception) across the road that sell very basic needs - milk, biscuits, Mars bars.

    Situated next to the now abandoned and delapidated Atherfield Holiday Chalets, you don't really notice them and they are quite interesting (creepy) to poke around if you're up for some trespassing.

    Being in the middle of Military Road you don't get buses there except the coast liner going West to Alum Bay and Yarmouth in the morning (11:15) and dropping you back about 17:10.

    The nearest villages with pubs, cafes, shops and full bus service are Brighstone and Chale, both are about 3 miles away.

    Being right on the coast, the IOW Coastline Path actually runs through it so there is easy access to the sea, beach and walks. If you head out of the site on the path East bound you walk to Shepherds Chine which you can walk down and reach the sea (about 5 mins). Apparently, fishing is good there.

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