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  1. I'm not sure if there's any elderberries left on the trees of if the birds have had them, but if you do still see any, this recipe is really worth a punt.

    Pick loads of ripe elderberries. Strip the from their stalks - using a fork is the easiest way.

    Put into a large pan with half their volume of water. Simmer & stir for 20 minutes. Allow to cool then squeeze out the juice using a felly bag or muslin.

    Measure your juice (I got nearly 700ml from elderberries that 2/3 filled an 8 inch pan).

    Add 250g of muscovado sugar for every 500ml of juice. A stick of cinnamon and a few slices of lemon. You can add a few cloves as well if you like, but I’m not keen.

    Simmer again for 20 minutes then strain out the cinnamon and lemon etc and pour whilst hot into sterilised bottles.

    You can take a teaspoonful every few hours if you have a cold, or use a tablespoonful (or more) with honey and brandy and hot water for the ultimate hot toddy :burp:
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    The ultimate cure for coughs, colds, snuffles and most common ailments is simple.

    Become Self Employed, it's a miracle cure!!
  3. Plenty of Lemsip Xtra on the shelves

    Open sachet add boiling water,add honey to sweeten if needed
  4. I thank im im yoon , i cant remember my last cold , infact i can remember my first either :oops:
  5. Try working with little kids, I swear they store up weird and wonderful germs just to pass on to you as you start to get over the last lot of lurgy. Shot of elderberry rum in warm water. It's keeping most of the vileness away
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    I do work with little kids, I'm a builder:)
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    That only works until day one of your holiday.
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    That's not even funny, it's happened a couple of times now, including a stay in hospital with pneumonia.
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    It's right that. Never missed a day working for myself. Never worry working for someone else.
  10. I find that speed works for me - I've not slept since Thursday.

    I am normally so whizzed up that I just don't have time for a cold.

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    Who said I was joking, some of the kids we work with should be classed as biological weapons. I don't think we've ever had a Christmas break without either Jan or me coming down with something as soon the holidays start.

    Most self employed people are too busy to get sick until the holidays when the pressures off and they start to relax.
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    Blooming kids. It's how I got my cold. Lou n Neil work at the school Will goes to. I didn't stand a chance when they got it.
  13. its coz kids dont have their own immune system these days mothers milk n build ya own resistances to bugs not get bunged antibiotics for any little thing guaranteed to ensure they need more n spread more :mad:
  14. [QUOTE="Ball swells, post: 1007895, member: 1386]

    Become Self Employed, it's a miracle cure!![/QUOTE]

    Agree totally!

    One spoon of concrete and harden the Fark Up!
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    Agree totally!

    One spoon of concrete and harden the Fark Up![/QUOTE]

    That's exactly right. Eat dirt and dust all day and don't wash you hands before you eat your pack up. Keeps me healthy:)

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