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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by simon, Oct 17, 2021.

  1. Does anybody have the phone number for custom & commercial? I've been trying to contact then but the have not answered my emails.
  2. I couldn’t find a phone number that worked.

    I emailed them about a problem I had with a window scraper I ordered ( it was damaged in transit)

    They were a bit slow to reply but once in contact, they quickly sorted the problem.

  3. I stopped useing C&C for this very reason, fine taking website orders and fast delivery but contacting them was nigh on impossible.
    I sent them an email explaining why I wasn't placing my order with them but never received a reply - don't suppose they missed a couple of hundred quid ...
    Up to them how they run their business but you'd expect better service from a 'decent' supplier.

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  4. I got bought a voucher from them, wasnt worth Sh1t as they wanted £29 to deliver here. My Mrs didnt know when she bought it bless her, bunch of crooks, Heritage etc are free postage
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  5. +1, on average mostly disappointed :(
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  6. My last transaction with them was, shall we say, quirky. Not the smoothest web purchase ever
  7. Have you tried 01372 452 622?

    I’ve never needed to ‘phone them, they have always answered any questions I’ve had by email.
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    You can buy me something , my island is more entitled than yours and consequently I get better service;)
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