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  1. Hi, let me start by saying I don't get to post here as much as I would like, I catch Facebook from time to time but I struggle to keep up with all the posts here, drop in for a read from time to time, but I just thought i'd add some pics to a very eventful trip we have just had in Dougal down in Devon. We set off on sunday expecting to stay till tomorrow but as many have posted I think about the weather, I won't say much apart from....................MY GOD !!!!!

    We woke up yesterday and agreed that we weren't having fun, we couldn't do a great deal and that it might actually be quite nice to dry out ::)

    The days we were there we did have a good time going to Slapton, Kingsbridge, Noss Mayo and Bigbury Bay on the way back to Dartmouth.

    I'm not sure there's a way to post a whole load of pics in one go, so i'll put some here and a link to my flickr account if anyone wants to go and see them all. There are some of the Dartmouth Flotilla






    Theres 122 altogether, so the link to the others can be found:-

  2. I have to add that Dougal ran superb for the whole 500 mile trip, even in the driving wind and rain yesterday, it was the first time we had had the awning up, connected to the electric, slept for 4 nights and driven up hill and down dale, couldn't have been more pleased with him
  3. aside from the monsoon sounds like a fun trip ;D ... 25 years ago ::) I was that midshipman from the college in that boat (had a look at your other pics).
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    some very good pics, pity the weather spoiled things - cheers for sharing!
  5. Thanks, I quite like my photography
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    This weather is pants but at least you got away for a few days :) Nice photos.
  7. We're off to the Goodwood festival of speed on Friday then on to Linwood in the New Forest for the weekend. We've done 2000 miles now since aug last year when we got Dougal, not bad for a first year with a few months to go :)))
  8. nice pics think dartmouth is our list of places to camp soon

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